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Serious Mustache Face Below!

You guys. YOU. GUYS. I am feeling so much gratitude right now. If it weren’t for readers, authors would not exist. So I have to give a huge Thank You! to every single person who has ever read a single one of my books. Now, keep reading for the sappy part (and the mustache). . . Continue reading Serious Mustache Face Below!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys! To start off 2017, I am going to answer an email I received. It was sent to me by Carson (I hope you see this, Carson), and because it was sent from a school account, I cannot reply. So, Carson asked:  I really liked Bowen’s point of the story. What was his point of the story when he knew he had to protect his family? Where did his dad go? Did he ever think about Fiona before seeing her again? Did he fall in love with any girl before Fiona? Continue reading Happy New Year!