Guess what? Book two of the TRANSFERENCE TRILOGY is available for pre-order on Amazon!  Keep reading if you want to see the amazing cover and read the synopsis.

Six months ago, Princess Sorrowlynn stood beside Prince Golmarr to defeat the glass dragon. But when the prince almost killed her after inheriting the dragon’s curse of hatred, he went into hiding to keep Sorrow safe . . . from himself.

Now the princess has been training to become a great warrior, with the hope of finding Golmarr. But her search proves difficult when she discovers she has been wed to the prince of an enemy kingdom. Desperate to end her forced marriage and be reunited with her true love, Sorrow must find a way to escape her captor husband. But there’s just one more dangerous obstacle in her way. A two-headed dragon is hunting her and will stop at nothing until she is dead.

Can Sorrow summon the courage to wield the only sword that can defeat the beast and save her world from the destruction of the dragon’s curse?


7 thoughts on “THE DRAGON’S CURSE

  1. WOW!!! I can’t wait!!! It is going to be great, and amazing, and awesome, and just the best ever!!!!

  2. I got the first book as a present and I got shifting I loved them both so much I can’t wait for the 2 of this one.

  3. Hi! I loved your book Stung. If it was a movie who would you want Fiona to be? And if you made a Cured movie who would you want Jacqui to be?

  4. Hi, I just read both Stung and Cured again, and was hoping you had strted to write stung 3?? PLLEEEAASSEEE IM DYING FOR A NEW BOOK! And thanks for giving me a book i could read twice without going insane.

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