Serious Mustache Face Below!

You guys. YOU. GUYS. I am feeling so much gratitude right now. If it weren’t for readers, authors would not exist. So I have to give a huge Thank You! to every single person who has ever read a single one of my books. Now, keep reading for the sappy part (and the mustache). . .

Without you guys, I would not be an author. I would be:

  1. A slightly crazy mom who sings karaoke in her car WAY to loud (seriously, I can rap the whole MIGRAINE song by TØP, among others).
  2. A grown up with far too much imagination (which freaks other grown ups out because every once in a while I forget to be boring and admit that I see ghosts and believe in magic).
  3. A person who spends hours and hours, and days and months writing stories that no one reads.

So thank you for saving me from at least one of those fates. I guess the rest are hopeless causes (unless, of course, Twenty One Pilots is looking for a new lead singer, in which case, something would have happened to Tyler Joseph, which would make me far too sad to ever sing again anyway. So, still a lost cause). So there you have it. I am who I am because you guys have gotten me here.


(and there’s my serious mustache picture)

20 thoughts on “Serious Mustache Face Below!

  1. Hi! I’m in the process of reading stung right now and have a question that may not be able to be answered… do you think there will be a movie adaption to the book? And if there is who would you want to cast as Fo? I think it would make a great movie series. Right next to the hunger games and divergent.

  2. Just so you know, Spanish would be much easier to learn than Russian, that is if you have a good teacher. I am fortunate to have a great teacher. I really hope that you make a third book, and find someone to make your books into movies, because I would see the first showing of any of them.

  3. Bethany Wiggins you are by far, MY FAVORITE AUTHOR EVER!!!! Keep making amazing books! My personal favorite is Stung, I really loved the story from Fiona’s perspective!

  4. Just wanted to let u know that you are such an AMAZING author! I just finished the first book of the Stung series and I can’t wait to read the second one! But seriously, this would make one AWESOME movie! I am so sad there isn’t one…(btw Josh Hutcherson would make a great Bowen!) Anyways, thanks for taking your time to write Amazing books!

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