Serious Mustache Face Below!

You guys. YOU. GUYS. I am feeling so much gratitude right now. If it weren’t for readers, authors would not exist. So I have to give a huge Thank You! to every single person who has ever read a single one of my books. Now, keep reading for the sappy part (and the mustache). . .

Without you guys, I would not be an author. I would be:

  1. A slightly crazy mom who sings karaoke in her car WAY to loud (seriously, I can rap the whole MIGRAINE song by TØP, among others).
  2. A grown up with far too much imagination (which freaks other grown ups out because every once in a while I forget to be boring and admit that I see ghosts and believe in magic).
  3. A person who spends hours and hours, and days and months writing stories that no one reads.

So thank you for saving me from at least one of those fates. I guess the rest are hopeless causes (unless, of course, Twenty One Pilots is looking for a new lead singer, in which case, something would have happened to Tyler Joseph, which would make me far too sad to ever sing again anyway. So, still a lost cause). So there you have it. I am who I am because you guys have gotten me here.


(and there’s my serious mustache picture)

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