The Dragon’s Price, What Readers Think

Guys . .  MY NEW BOOK COMES OUT SOOOOO SOON!!! And here are what people are saying…

(These are all quotes from Goodreads reviews)

Tina: Can I say how much I love this book? We get romance, adventure, a handsome horse clan prince and DRAGONS!

Dark Faerie Tales: Quick & Dirty: Wonderful high fantasy story filled with adventure, great characters and cute romance. I think this was a very promising start to what I think is going to be an amazing series.

Christina: I started this book as one of those books just to read before bed one night until I fell asleep, except that I fell completely under its spell from the very beginning and read straight through the night until I finished it after 3AM. I couldn’t stop swiping the pages on my kindle, even when my blinks turned into three-minute-long catnaps. I don’t normally give up my sleep for anything, so you know this book had to be something special.

Natasha: Loved it. The last chapter gave me the “Oh no! This is an ARC! That means I have to wait MORE THAN A YEAR for the next one!”

Damaris: Golmarr, Golmarr, Golmarr… phew! Talk about book boyfriends! This is one book boyfriend that I think all readers will fall in love with. I loved everything about him and his family.


The best part is, the hardcover is on sale for $11.08 on Amazon!


10 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Price, What Readers Think

    1. I am so sorry I left you feeling like that! Try reading my other books. They might help get you over that book pain.

  1. Finished it in one day and now I’m dying. Being a functional member of society is no longer an option until I get to read the second book!!!

  2. I have just barley finished reading this wonderful book! I loved it, it captured me for almost two whole days, two whole adventurous, wild, romantic, and crazy days! Thank you so much for this great story, I hope there’s a second one coming soon?! Thank you!!!

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