The Dragon’s Price, What Readers Think

Guys . .  MY NEW BOOK COMES OUT SOOOOO SOON!!! And here are what people are saying…

(These are all quotes from Goodreads reviews)

Tina: Can I say how much I love this book? We get romance, adventure, a handsome horse clan prince and DRAGONS!

Dark Faerie Tales: Quick & Dirty: Wonderful high fantasy story filled with adventure, great characters and cute romance. I think this was a very promising start to what I think is going to be an amazing series.

Christina: I started this book as one of those books just to read before bed one night until I fell asleep, except that I fell completely under its spell from the very beginning and read straight through the night until I finished it after 3AM. I couldn’t stop swiping the pages on my kindle, even when my blinks turned into three-minute-long catnaps. I don’t normally give up my sleep for anything, so you know this book had to be something special.

Natasha: Loved it. The last chapter gave me the “Oh no! This is an ARC! That means I have to wait MORE THAN A YEAR for the next one!”

Damaris: Golmarr, Golmarr, Golmarr… phew! Talk about book boyfriends! This is one book boyfriend that I think all readers will fall in love with. I loved everything about him and his family.


The best part is, the hardcover is on sale for $11.08 on Amazon!


14 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Price, What Readers Think

    1. I am so sorry I left you feeling like that! Try reading my other books. They might help get you over that book pain.

      1. Bethany! I love Cured! (and Stung of course) I fell in love with Stung and cured even more! I can’t wait for the next book, And I’m hoping to get to read all of your books ther fantastic! Keep up the good work.

  1. Finished it in one day and now I’m dying. Being a functional member of society is no longer an option until I get to read the second book!!!

  2. I have just barley finished reading this wonderful book! I loved it, it captured me for almost two whole days, two whole adventurous, wild, romantic, and crazy days! Thank you so much for this great story, I hope there’s a second one coming soon?! Thank you!!!

  3. omggggg the dragons price!!!!!! it left me crying like for days can you please hurry and release the second book I’m waiting for it .

  4. The Dragons Price was AMAZING. It was so beautifully written & I’m super excited for book 2! I can’t wait, I’m definitely going to recommend The Dragons price to ALL my friends. <3

  5. Will there be a third book after Stung and Cured? I love them so much I read them both twice. Anyways your one of my favorite authors and can’t wait for the many more books to come!

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