Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys! To start off 2017, I am going to answer an email I received. It was sent to me by Carson (I hope you see this, Carson), and because it was sent from a school account, I cannot reply. So, Carson asked:  I really liked Bowen’s point of the story. What was his point of the story when he knew he had to protect his family? Where did his dad go? Did he ever think about Fiona before seeing her again? Did he fall in love with any girl before Fiona?

My reply (and warning, it has STUNG spoilers):

Hi, Carson!

Let me answer your questions. Bowen’s dad was a total bum and loser who put his own desires above taking care of his family—even before the bee plague started. So when things got bad, he took of instead of doing the right thing and standing up for his family. Bowen’s older brother was like his dad (he learned by example) and so he also ditched Bowen and their mom. So Bowen actually chose to do the right thing against all the odds that he would also follow in his dad’s footsteps. He broke the pattern that he was born into and CHANGED, was DIFFERENT than the example his parents (mostly his dad) set, and became a better person. But I guarantee you, it was the harder path to choose. Becoming a better person than you are means making a lot of hard choices. So that answers your first and second questions.

As for Fiona, yes he still thought about her all the time. Even after everything changed, he always heard her music in his head—even learned to play the classical music that she played on his guitar. He assumed she was either dead or comatose inside of the wall, but when she stumbled into his life again, he still had feelings for her. But getting to know her again, he fell all the way in love with her. As for Bowen liking any girls before Fiona or while she was in a coma: he had crushes on girls he’d see living behind the wall, but he couldn’t do anything about that.


So there you go. A glimpse into Bowen’s psyche.


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Also, here is my New Year’s picture, with my hair grown out and crazy (oh yeah, I’m the girl. The dude is my husband). So this is what I look like now (there was some confusion at a conference I went to in October! HA ha ha! They were expecting short, sleek hair, no glasses, and instead they got . . .)

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hi i just finished stung and it was beyond amazing!! Im about to start readinf cured and was wondering hoping the answer is yes if their will be a third book? If so from what pov, if you can tell us? Thank you 🙂

  2. I really liked your series and i am fascinated that you will write a third one (right? because that is what it sounds like to me) and you will make all your fans happy (including me:) please comment back because im sure all of your fans are wondering the same question as me-will there be a third stung book? You are an excellent writer and very talented!!!!! I am so glad you were able to bring the characters in the stung series to life so everybody can experience different worlds through the magic of reading your books.:)

  3. I am seen as a nerd
    A person that the teachers love so much
    I only love them because they give me what i was never given
    Love , respect , faith and trust

    I have attitude most of the time…
    I always say i am fine
    Although by this attitude it has affected me
    Many negativity towards my emotionality

    Now you may ask well why the attitude
    Its hatred towards a guy
    I call him dad
    Mostly known to be a great “lad”

    What a bastard my father was…
    With trust he failed us
    He burns in prison for 60 years
    Something came to life my fears..
    Molestation …. Rape!

    I’m like a fish
    I swim away from my problems
    Everyday i make a wish
    For my dad to regret what he did…

    Although many people see me as a cape
    Positively a symbol for bravery or happiness
    I however see a cape the opposite
    SORROW and sadness

    I see a cape as a used blanket to cover away
    Away from the arrows that aim for me
    Although i miss the cover so it hits me you see
    I still cling on to that blanket

    Clinging on shows a survivor
    Bravery for everyone to look up to
    Although i may be clinging on low
    I feel like maybe One day i might let go…
    Hope you like my poem :3

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    This is beautiful and poignant and heart wrenching in its honesty. I think you have a real talent for reaching people on an emotional level with your writing. Now, you need to know something. I hope you hang on. With all my heart I hope you hang on! You have the potential to reach out to others who have gone through the same thing but are too scared to tell anyone and let them know they are not alone. Pain recognizes pain. I know you through your pain and struggle, and I love you because you are so brace. You touched me on an emotional level. Stay alive! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eCeBNwBUkcI

  5. So glad that you are writing a third book, can’t wait to read it! As for anonymous, please hang on with everything you’ve got. I had a friend that committed suicide almost a year ago and I still can’t listen to certain songs without tearing up. You may not believe that people love you sometimes, but trust me, they will be devastated if you take your own life.

  6. Hi! I loved your book Stung. If it was a movie who would you want Fiona to be? And if you made a Cured movie who would you want Jacqui to be?

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