Teens Vote Stung “Best Book”

That’s right. Teens in Florida AND Nebraska both voted STUNG best book of the year! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! (Seriously though, those teens have the best taste in books ever.)

It received Florida’s Sunshine State Young Reader’s Award and Nebraska’s Golden Sower Award.

Thanks Florida and Nebraska! It was lovely visiting. You will always have a place in my heart.



8 thoughts on “Teens Vote Stung “Best Book”

  1. These two books were the #1 books to me, and ive read manynnynynyn I love Stung alittlee more than Cured. I think it is because of the romace and the detail you put into these little books that i cant put down.

  2. I stumbled upon Stung at a used book sale and absolutely Loved every minute of it! I am now a huge fan of your work. Keep writing and I will read it 🙂

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