Do I Cry When I Write?

A lot of you guys have asked me that. You tell me my books make you cry, and you wonder if I cry when I write them. Well, I took a picture so you could see how it feels to be a writer . . .



I bawled when Jonah covered Fiona in the pit right before the glass shattered. And when Bowen stood on the wall and told everyone there was a cure, my eyes were so filled with tears I couldn’t see to write.

When Jacqui and Dean are reunited? Yep. And that heartbreaking moment when Kevin chooses to take Jacqui’s place in the courtyard with the dogs.

And in Shifting, when Maggie Mae is in the school hall and everyone gangs up on her . . . oh the sobbing!

This picture, up above these words, was taken after I wrote one of the final scenes for the new trilogy I have coming out, THE TRANSFERENCE TRILOGY. You won’t know how that book broke my heart until you read it. It comes out in February, so you’ll know soon enough.

So, yes. I cry when I write. A lot sometimes. That is why you cry when you read it: my words carry pain and sorrow, just put into someone else’s story, and you recognize it in yourself. So I guess that says a lot about me. Even though I am a (relatively) happy person, I have faced a lot sorrow and heartache in my life. That says a lot about you, too, otherwise my words would not speak to you on an emotional level. So here’s to pain, hardship, sorrow, and struggle–four things that have shaped me into the person I am today.

I love you, dear reader. Stay alive. Keep reading. Keep crying as long as you can keep smiling, too.



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  1. In the book curred i cried when Kevin put hand cuffs over Jacqui it broke me like I was her myselfbeing turned on to the man i have just fallen in love with.

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