My New Book

Guys, I am getting tons of emails and comments asking about the new book I have coming out. Here is the scoop:

THE DRAGON’S PRICE  coming 2/21/17

A story about a princess who chooses death by dragon over an arranged marriage and ends up fighting the beast.  (More to come soon!)


Also, a fan made a STUNG book trailer! Follow the link and check it out!


Lastly, SO MANY of you are asking if STUNG will be a movie. Not yet, but hopefully one day.

18 thoughts on “My New Book

  1. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be sure to check this out. I love your books. Also, first person to comment. Just saying.

      1. Thank you so much for making books for us to enjoy and cherish forever. Stung and cured started my new book collection! I can’t thank you enough.

  2. Bethsby I luv your books and I’m so exited read the 3rd stung!!! I can’t wait to see what adventure Jonah takes us on!!!

  3. I love all your books, I’m literally obsessed with the Stung series I am in love with them! I forced my friend to read them and now she’s obsessed! I have read them each at least five times and I also love the romance twist you threw, in especially with Cured. I read them both in a day because I couldn’t stop reading. I can’t wait till you write a Stung 3 (which I hope you do), Im literally falling out of my seat to see what amazing adventures from Jonah you are going to create. I love you and all your books! ❤️????

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