Congratulations STUNG

So, some extremely awesome news. STUNG won the Florida Sunshine State Young Readers’ Award! Thank you, Florida, for loving my book, for loving my characters, and for loving my writing. I love you, Florida!

THIS is the link to the announcement.

Also, Savannah wrote some Stung fan fiction. Check it out! Leave a comment! But as a writer who knows how hard and scary it is to put your words out there for strangers to read, I have one request. If you leave a comment for Savannah, it has to be nice. No tearing anyone down!

19 thoughts on “Congratulations STUNG

    1. Nice! Thank you so much for putting that link on here, Colleen. You’ve got a talent for writing (the kiss was awesome). Maybe one day we will meet at a writers’ conference.

    2. I really want to read your story, but it says I need permission to open the file. Can you please give me permission? I sent you a request thingy on google. Thanks!!! I can’t wait to read your story??????

  1. Are you making a third stung novel?! I would love for you to write one because i have never love a set of books more in my life! I honestly HATE reading books but yours, I absolutely cannot live without… So I would LOVE another stung novel PLEASE.I will not live without one!

    1. Yes! I need to finish up my current project, but after that, yes. If you like my books, you will probably like my new one coming out this February. It is called The Dragon’s Price, and it is about a princess who chooses death by dragon over an arranged marriage.

  2. Thank you so much for checking it out, that meant so much to me. I will try to finish this book, but it may take some time. When I finish, could you maybe refer it to your agent or agency?

    1. Colleen, i will read your first five pages, but that is all I have time for (So sorry! Being a mom and author just eats up my time to the point that I do not ever watch TV, I don’t read books anymore (sad), and I don’t get enough sleep). But write it and I will direct you to some great websites to help you query agents. You can even query my agent and tell her that since she represents me, you think she will like your book.

  3. Thank you!!! I’m on a small pre-summer vacation with my grandparents and get to miss a day of school!!! Woo hoo!!!

  4. I live in Florida. Stung is in my school’s library. That is how I read it. And I love the series!!! <3

    1. Florida kids are smart. They voted for my book to win the Sunshine State Young Reader’s Award! Best day EVER!

  5. My friend and I picked up Stung at the school book fair, and it is one of the best books I have ever read! The plot just kept me hooked the whole entire time and I absolutely loved how the book proved me with the ability to imagine what the beasts look like, what the sewers look like, what the camp was like, and it just turned into another world for me. When I told my friend that there was a sequel, we both freaked out! I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  6. To all who have requested my manuscript, thank you for the interest, but I’m unable to share with so many people. I’m sure that none of you would do this, but there is always the risk of getting my story line stolen,band I can’t take that risk. I hope you understand, and I’ll be working on my book as much as possible.

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