Happy 2016

Hi, readers! Happy New Year! I am so excited for 2016, and here is why:

#1 thing I am looking forward to this year: Seeing Twenty One Pilots live in Salt Lake City. Let me know if any of you are going to be there, and I will find you and sign your books!

Also this year: I am teaching a class on writing at LDStorymakers Conference in Provo this May. So excited. And nervous.

Plus, I get to Skype with schools all over the USA this year, which is one of my favorite things to do–definitely the next best thing to actually going to the school. Want me to Skype with your school? Ask your teacher to contact me via the contact tab on this website to set it up. Space is limited, so hurry!

Sad thing about this year: My new trilogy has been moved from coming out in fall of this year, to February of next year. So, if you love my books, you’ll have to wait a year to read my new one: The Dragon’s Price. But believe me when I say, it will be worth it.

Lastly: If you have read and loved my books, please tell your friends and family and teachers and fellow students to read them!

18 thoughts on “Happy 2016

  1. I have read all your books and have loved them so much, I can not wait to read the new series when it comes out in Feb and I tell all my friends about your books!!!

  2. I have read stung, cured, and shifting. I own all three books now and I love reading them! I read them over, and over. You should make movies out of the books, they would make really great movies to! Will you ever make a third book to the stung series?

  3. Super excited about reading more of your work. I just finished Stung, and I’m going to be getting Cured some time soon, I hope. Definitely going to be reading Stung again in the mean time, as well as draw up some fan art because my mind is driving me crazy about getting my mental image of Fiona, Bowen, and others down on paper. Also I plan on having my boyfriend read the series after I’m done with them. Have I mentioned, although I’ve only read Stung so far, I really adore the way you write, tell the story, and paint a clear mental picture? Well, I really do!

    1. If you do some fan art, please post it on instagram or pinterest or twitter (@wiggb) and tag me! I would love to see it! I have my own fan art of Fiona on instagram, so look me up if you can.

  4. Stung is my favorite book of all time. Stung was the book that got me into reading, so I made my friend read it and she loved it. But now I have to share Bowen.

    1. Ha ha! Have to share Bowen. Dang. The price we pay to share our favorite books. Thanks for telling your friend about my books.

  5. I love the Stung books and can’t wait till the third one comes out! Everyone here needs to go check out Cured’s alternate ending, cause it’s great. Maybe you could work that into the third book somehow? Just a thought…

    1. That was the original plan, to work it into the third book, and then open with the blog post titles “A Piece of Jonah’s Story.” But plans change, and now they change again, and eventually I will write a third, but after I finish up the trilogy I am working on.

  6. I love the stung series Bethany they are amazing. I’ve only read Stung and hope too get cured I have only had Stung for a week and are already reading it again I hope u make a third book too it I love these books ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you, Mikayla! I had to do a whole lot of writing before I got good at it. STUNG is probably the eleventh book I wrote! My books cost anywhere from five dollars to seventeen dollars.

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