Curious About Stung’s Playlist?

You know how some authors have playlists to go with their books? Well, when I wrote STUNG and CURED, there were certain songs I listened to to help get me in the world of STUNG. Here are a few:


SECRET CROWDS by Angels & Airwaves

Jltf by Moby

ONLY THE YOUNG and CROSSFIRE by Brandon Flowers


ANOTHER DAY by Sleepfthief


PARADISE by Coldplay (this is Jack’s main theme!)



AFTER THE STORM by Mumford and Sons

What about you? Do you have a song that you associate with any of my books? Also, if you want to read a short story about Jonah after he makes it to Colorado and meets his mom, click here.

24 thoughts on “Curious About Stung’s Playlist?

  1. Yes I’m the first one to post a comment on this that is very cool that you listened to music to help u think you should listen to Cecelia and the satellite it’s very good

    1. Hunter,

      I will totally check them out! Congrats on adding the first comment. It is a pleasure to hear from you again.

    1. I think I emailed you an answer? Anyway, here it is again. Because I am not a movie producer, and I am not lucky enough to know any movie producers or actors, and I don’t own any sets or props, or know any stunt men, or musicians to do a movie score, I cannot make Stung into a movie. I don’t even own a camera besides my phone! So, unless a movie company buys the rights to make Stung into a movie, it will not be one.

  2. THERE NEEDS TO BE A THIRD BOOK IN THE STUNG SERIES OR I MIGHT DIE FROM SADNESS THAT THE SERIES IS OVER!!! Will there be a third? (Please say yes!) If so, when does it come out?

    P. S. You’re an amazing and talented author and I look up to you soooo much:)

  3. Honestly, it makes me really excited to read that you listen to music to help inspire you while writing!! I do occasionally when I write as well so it’s nice to read that one of my two favorite authors does as well.

    I know my comments are kind of late, more so this one than my other, but I do have a few songs that made me think of Stung while listening to them.
    They were, Fellow feeling by Porter Robinson, Your Song by Ellie Goulding, Field by Keaton Henson feat. Ren Ford (More for when Fiona dreams, or remembers pleasant memories about the past), and a majority of the songs from the albums for Short Term 12 and Band of Robbers, which where composed/written by Joel P West (I listened to both albums while reading Stung).
    I apologize for typing so much, I’m just super thrill about your writing, and also the fact that you interact with fans of your work.

    1. I remember being five years old and feeling an emotion connection to music so strongly that it brought me to tears. I still have that, all these years later, and it really helps me write. Also, I LOVE Porter Robinson. My favorites of his are SEA OF VOICES and DIVINITY. They are actually on my playlist for my new book!

  4. Flyleaf Call You Out when Jacqui is in raider HQ, Flyleaf Perfect for Fiona’s wake up in the beginning, Flyleaf Sorrow for when Jacqui loses her brother Dean in the flashback, Flyleaf Breathe Today for when Jacqui finds out that Kevin is a raider, Flyleaf Great Love for Fiona and Bowen’s or Jacqui and Kevin’s first kiss, and Flyleaf Mama when Fiona and Jonah are reunited with their mother. I love Flyleaf and they can just calm me and let me know that I’m not alone. You might know from their lyrics that they are a Christian band and they are just special to me.

  5. Sweet! Love their screaming songs like Call You Out and Green Heart, and the other heavy ones are awesome too! They make the softer ones like There For You and So I Thought are great. I love the albums that Kristen has done, but Lacey just seems more fit in the band’s style and just calls to me with her sound.

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