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First of all, thank you for all of the emails and comments on my posts! I am feeling the love from you guys. There are three things I am being asked repeatedly, which I will answer for you now. . .

1. Am I writing any other books? Yes! I have a new trilogy coming out starting fall 2016! If you like my other books, you will love this one.

2. Am I going to write a third book in the STUNG series? The answer is no. Sorry! Please  don’t hate me!

3. Is STUNG going to be made into a movie? No. But hopefully one day!

Now, I wanted to let you guys know where else you can find me on the internet. There are actually lots of places! Like,


My old Blog (If you want to read old blog posts, mostly about writing)




I would love to be found. <3


80 thoughts on “Come Find Me!

  1. I loved the Stung series so much, and I NEED more! Can you at least consider writing a 3rd book for the Stung series? I really want to know what happens to *SPOILER* Tessa *SPOILER*. Please!!! The Stung series really made me appreciate my current living environment. Last time: PLEASE!!!

      1. Hey Bethany, I’m in love with your books! As I was reading cured and it was the flashback about her losing all the weight and her brother’s belt didn’t fit her so she gave it to a fec. I was wondering if that fec was arrin/arris.

      2. Please please please make a third book to stung I love this series I hope there’s more than three books it’s so good I hope it’s a movie one day ????????please make more of that series I am ur biggest fan I’ve read stung over 2 times waiting to get the 2nd book

        1. Bethany my whole entire school reads the stunged series and have read cured we all want more I think u are amazing I really love stung it’s awesome I am ur number ONE FAN‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Please do more of this series ❤️❤️❤️

          1. Marlie S., THANK YOU! I can’t believe your whole school is reading it! That makes me so happy. I will write a third book to the series, but first I have another project to wrap up, so it might be a while before it comes out.

    1. i have three responses
      1.YAY! I love your writing
      2.Boo! But I respect your decision
      3.I had that thought if a movie producer is reading this read the sung series and GET ON IT!

  2. hey bethany, i read stung last year and i found it really fun, it has a lot of memorable scenes that i admire. :^) hope your next series does well!!

      1. Hey Bethany, I’m in love with your books! As I was reading cured and it was the flashback about her losing all the weight and her brother’s belt didn’t fit her so she gave it to a fec. I was wondering if that fec was arrin/arris.

        1. Yes! That was Arrin. Good job picking up on that. That is also the belt that Arrin offers to Fiona when they are in the sewers.

      2. I cant believe you are not continuing the stung series. It is such a hit!!!!!!!!!!
        I need to find i out happens with Tessa and Kevin and Jack! I admire your writing and i will get you to right a third book. Over 200 kids in my school love your books and i even recomended them to the librarian because surprisingly she did have them! You will be hearing more from my school and me! Again PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write more in this series so many kids that hate to read were recomended this book and now love to read. You inspire people! DONT STOP INSPIRING MIDDLE SCHOOLERS! BE OUTRAGOUS AND BRAKE YOUR OWN RULES! WRITE ANOTHER BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  3. Hey, I just want to let you know, you are my insperation, my role model. You’re my all time fav writter ever, and trust me..I do A LOT of reading. I’ve read all three of your books and let me tell you. They’re the best books I’ve ever read. I’m sad that the STUNG series will not be having another book but I understand. SHIFTING is a amazing book, I just read it and I’m hoping for more. I’m sooooooo exsited for the trilogy! I’ll be your first buyer 🙂 -Isabella

  4. I first want to tell you, that I have deeply enjoyed your book Bethany Wiggins, and your series “Stung” has touched my heart and took me on a journey like no other book could. Now I understand that you are not continuing the Stung Series which deeply saddens me, but I am looking forward to a new series of yours (If you ever make it in your mind to make new books to the stung series, Jonah’s point of view would be amazing). I realize there’s a large chance you won’t even come to read this, but yet if you do, please, realize that your books are amazing. When the characters in the book felt distressed, I did, I felt what Fiona felt, I felt what Jaqui felt, and it was amazing. I would be excited to find any future works, and I hope they’re just as beautiful.

  5. I LOVE Stung series so much. And I was so excited to read Cured after Stung but then was sadden because there wasn’t another. I if you ever did it should be thrush Jonahs view. I have never been in to books as much as I did Stung and Cured. I couldn’t stop reading them and normally I stop for awhile and go back.

  6. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyy want Jonah to fall in love, he deserves it! I was kind of hoping Jacqui and him would fall in love. But now I think he should be with anyone who would be as sweet as him. <3 I love your books bethany and need to read your shifting book

  7. ERMAHGERDNESS STUNG WAS SOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!! I still haven’t read the second one yet but I want to, I haven’t been able to find it at my library 🙁
    ANYWAYS, I’m writing a sci-fi book (or at least trying to) that uses the same point of view, like first person-present instead of first person-past like other books and so I was looking for an interesting sci-fi book with that perspective to help with my writing and I read Stung and I was like “YESSS I FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING!!!!” so do you think you could give me some tips on how to write like that? I’m kinda struggling with this:
    Should I write it more as the person thinks, or like the person is telling the story in his head? Like random thoughts and ideas popping into the person’s brain, or more , more like as if the person’s telling the story to someone as it’s happening?
    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

    1. The best advice I can give you is to write it in a way that makes you happy. Try out a few different ways, and if one of them clicks, stick with it. Or you could sort of merge the styles you listed above. Good luck!!! I am so glad you found my books!

  8. My friend recommended Stung and Cured to me. At first, I didn’t read them (she lent me the books), because I’m not a huge fan of futuristic books (she is). Eventually, one morning I was super bored, a whole 4 days ago, I sat down and read. And read. And read. I read the entire day, didn’t eat a thing, and finished both books. The next night, I read them again. I’m now obsessed.

    I could deal with no more books, but JONAH!!!!! Why?!?!?!?! D’:

    I just need to give him a hug, so I need someone to create a really fantastic fan art that I agree with so I can give him a mental hug. I can’t draw at all, otherwise I would do it myself. Please! Me, and a bunch of other fans need it!

    1. I would LOVE to see some fan art. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I don’t know how to get people to do fan are, do you? And I love Jonah, too. By the end of CURED, he was my favorite character.

  9. I understand if you don’t want to write a third book in the sting series…. But what about a short story of sorts. Telling how Vince and Tessa ends up. If Fiona and Bowen have kids, and Jack and Kevin get married and finally if Jonah falls in love. Those are things I would like to see. From you. Your are a terrific author and I hope your books become movies because…. they’re more than terrific. Sorry if it’s a lot. I love reading and writing and hate lose ends.
    Sincerely, your fan,
    Hailey Roseboom

  10. Hey I’m Jayli my cousin skyla said that she read ur series of stung and it was amazing I’m really looking forward to reading it!!!!!!

  11. You could make other books from the series stung and cured by writing the books from different point of views.Like Bowen.Jonah,Kevin.

  12. You could make other books from the series stung and cured by writing the books from different point of views.Like Bowen.Jonah,Kevin,Dean.

    1. If I ever do another book, it will be from Jonah’s point of view . . . but that’s a big if. We’ll see. I am glad you liked the books enough to want to read more. Thank you!

  13. I just wanted to tell you that I loved your book Stung and Cured!! I love reading and this book perfectly matched my description of my “dream book”! It had romance, fighting, sorrow, and many more emotions that I felt throughout reading!!! I would be so happy if you decided to write a third book but I guess I understand if you decide not to. This was just one of those books that I would stay up to 5 o’clock in the morning reading, and I had to force myself to put down the book and go to sleep! Putting down that book was a really hard thing to do, so thank you for writing such an amazing book!! Good luck on your next book, I know you’ll do great!!

  14. You are an AMAZING writer I really really really hope you do a third book your books are just so interesting you just have to know what happens on the next page. When I was reading your book at like 12:00 am I kept on saying I would stop on the next chapter but I ended reading 5 more chapters. I loved stung and cured and I’m excited to read your next book

  15. I loved your series STUNG!!!! I wish you would write another book so we can find out what happens with Tessa. Anyways my question–Is the book SHIFTING part of your new trilogy or is it just by itself? I haven’t read it yet and I am excited to!!!!!

    1. Austin,

      If you go to the “contact me” tab on this website, you can email me directly, and I try to reply to every single email I get. But . . . here is something to think about: Maybe you are going to be a writer some day. You already have some ideas. Maybe you should keep them for you, and then I will be buying your books and loving them so much I can’t put them down. Having ideas is just a beginning. Still, if you want to email me, go to the contact tab. 🙂

  16. I just got done reading stung and was surprised by it this is probabily one of the first books i read that i actually got emotional reading it and now im working on the book cured now and i can already tell im going to love it it even gives me some inspiration to write even more of my own stories and i hope to become better at writing till i can create emotion in my writing like you do i would love to talk to you somtime maybe on email 🙂 <3

    1. Wow, thank you! I love books that reach me on an emotional level. I cried when I wrote STUNG and CURED. I can tall you from personal experience that if you work hard at writing, and practice every day, you learn how to put emotion down on the pages, so keep it up!

  17. Hi Bethany! I completely understand you not writing a 3rd book, but if you would at least consider it…I know that VERY many people would be overjoyed, including me. I loved Stung and Cured, and a third would just top it all off. Thanks for those books!

  18. Huello i just wanted to say you have gotten me emotionaly attached to al your wonderful books not just the stung series but shifting too after i finished your books i had cried bunches because i saw chat you were thinking about writing more books but in the fall of 2016 i honestly was the worst reader and the slowest too but you have a gift you make TEENAGERS interested in readind and you heló themes become a better reader too like you did to me and your books are mixed with sci- fi and romance and adventure all in one i mean Dow chat tales master skills and you now how to make fantacy men sound perfect because they do all the right things but please think about adding to stung and shifting PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE and i also wanted to thank you for being the best writer and helping everyone not just me but thanks ? P.S PLEASE HURRY AND WRITE MORE PLEASE

    1. Flower,

      Thank you! I love that teenagers love my books. I will keep writing, and I will keep writing good men who make good choices. 🙂

    1. Flower,

      I just read The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey and found it quite gruesome, with a lot of cussing, but fascinating. It does not relate to my book in any way, but I liked it a lot. Other than that, I don’t have any suggestions.

  19. I really enjoy reading your books. And i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also i am barely reading the book CURE and I looked when did you release the book and then I came across this website, and noticed that you weren’t doing the stung series. I literally wanted to cry, and I might even cry right now! :'(( The book that I really love from you is the book Sting I found it romantic and nerve reeking at the same time, and I think this because how you think something bad is going to think something is going to happen but it doesn’t . Like in the part on the book Stung I thought Bowen was going to die when Fiona shot him on accident, but then he actually he survived! But PLEASE KEEP ON MAKING THE STUNG SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really admire your writing, and the next book i’m going to read is your book SHIFTING. and I really hope you reconsider writing another book of the STUNG series!!!!!!! PLAESE PLEASE PLASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Patricia,

      Wow, thank you! I am so glad you love my books! I am going to write a third book. It just might be a little while before I get around to it. 🙂

      1. Do you thank you will add another book to shifting please and also you just made my day the best by saying that you will write a 3rd book and the new trilagie you are writing chat is that about like is like stung or what is it like and also thank you for being such an awesome writer

        1. Flower, The trilogy is about a sixteen-year-old princess who is being given the choice to marry a warrior prince from another country, or be fed to the dragon. She chooses the dragon.

  20. Why did you get us all excited by putting an epilogue in the book? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write a third book to the stung series! I finished cured yesterday, and i NEED another book PLEASE?

  21. I don’t read a lot but when I pick up one of your books form the book fair I could not put it down and I got the seconded one. What happens to Jack brother tho?

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