STUNG’s Cast

I have a lot of people asking if STUNG will become a movie. The truth is . . .

. . . not yet! But hopefully one day. I think it would be an awesome movie. But here is the thing: I have no idea who would play the parts for Jonah, Bowen, Fiona, and Arrin.

So, you’ve got to help me out. Who would you pick? I know you have someone in mind! Leave your answer in the comments and I will pick a cast from them and reveal them in a forthcoming blog post.

As for the Governor, this is who I would pick:
TOM CRUISE!!! (And because I am not tech Savvy, I cannot figure out how to put an image of him on here:( Sorry!)

One more thing! I think Nick Roux would be a fabulous Jonah OR Bowen. Follow the link to see his (incredibly hot, beautiful) picture.

360 thoughts on “STUNG’s Cast

  1. shailene woodley would be a perfect match for Fiona. every time I read the book that’s who pops in my head! PLEASEEEE do ure best to make stung and cured a movie pleaseeeeee

      1. I think Grant Gustin would be perfect to play Dreydon Bowen!! He has brown hair and green eyes! I’m dying to see him play Bowen if stung is ever made into a movie!

          1. He totally has the look, but may be a bit to old. Not that I’d complain if STUNG was made into a movie and he got the part, you know!?

    1. I think that now since shailene woodley has the pixie cut she would be a great arrin, Jennifer Lawrence for Fiona, Liam Hemsworth for Bowen and Logan Lerman for Jonas. They would total be the best cast for your books

        1. Shaliene Woodley- Fiona
          Jennifer Lawrence- Jacqui
          Josh Hutcherson- Bowen
          Freddie Highmore- Kevin
          Shia Labeouf- Jonah
          Kellan Lutz- Dean
          Chloe Grace Moretz- Arrin

          1. Theo James, or Dominic Sherwood – Bowen
            Jennifer Lawrence – Jacqui
            Josh Hutcherson – Kevin
            Matthew Daddario – Jonah

        1. i think that kristen stewart would be a awesome fiona. Dylan o’ brian would be a great bowen. For jonah i would say talor lautner. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          1. I totally agree with kristen and Dylan… for fiona I would also say Fiona. She comes to my head everytime I read about a female character in a book.

          2. Ha ha. I see where you fixed this, but your comment had me laughing. πŸ™‚ thank you for taking the time to reply.

      1. Yes yes yes!! Same lol she played in so many movies and has the ideal looks as Fiona Shaliene ( can’t spell her name ) would be a perfect match!!

      2. Just out of curiosity, aren’t those the cast for hunger games? Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) is with Gale (Liam Hemsworth) Please don’t take this the wrong way, just wondering… I like the idea though???

        1. Ultimately, I would love a cast who isn’t already cast in a dystopian movie, you know? But it is all still just a dream anyway.

      1. hi i am twelve years old and I think that Chloe Mertez would be a great Fiona and Laim Hemsworth for Bowen then for her brother have Dylan O’brien and Shailene Woodley for arrin .. i honestly love your book. And think you did a AWESOME job on your book.

    2. An idea of mine when I finished “Stung” the other day. Will the author continue Bowen and Fiona’s story? Will there be a third book added? In my opinion if you continued their story and journey with each other on to another book or even to a couple of more books, that’d be amazing! I absolutely love the connection you put between those two, the way Bowen treats Fiona is just, so sweet and romantic. You did a really good job on making those two work together. You made it seem all so real, like I was actually there seeing this happen. And I honestly think that if you were to continue their story with each other, your series will end up like the Hunger Games or Divergent. People will love it!

      1. I think so too! The connection they had was so strong it made me cry the first time they kissed, haha. I was hoping that the second book would continue in Fiona’s point of view, but obviously it didn’t happen. The second book is amazing but I hope Bethany Wiggins continue their love connection through Fiona’s point of view or Breyden’s.

      2. Divergent is my favorite book ever!!! The characters Bowen and Fiona always reminded me if Tris and Four. If you keep the series going it could be like divergent. When you write the books I was like, “man!! I want a boyfriend like Bowen!!!!”

    3. Everytime I read Theo James popped into my head as Dreyden and Shailene Woodley as Fiona! But mostly Theo as Dreyden. He just portrays characters like Dreyden so well.

      1. Although I suggested Shai for Fiona her pixie cut makes me think Jaqui but Shai or Jennifer Lawrence would be a good match for either. And I think Luke Benward would make a good Kevin.

      2. Theo James is super hot!!! For some reason, I always thought of Bowen being hot. And very muscular. I think that Theo James would be perfect for Bowen. I’ve read all the books of divergent in a month. I think that Theo James should be Bowen!!! Aaahhhh!!! There has to be a movie!!!

      1. logan lerman jonah
        taylor lautner tommy
        shailene woodley arrin
        dylan obrien bowen
        shay mitchell or sarah hyland fiona
        ansel elgort duncan

        1. Bowen-Theo James
          Jonah-Logan lerman, Dylan O’brien
          Fiona-Shailene Woodley
          Arrin-Neel Sethi
          Duncan Bowen-Zac Effron
          Jacqui-Kristen Stuart

      1. Lily would be a great Fiona. She has that sort of soft, sweet look that Fiona has, since she hasn’t been hardened by the world.

      1. Bowen: Cameron Boyce from Jessie
        Fiona: Paula Deen (from the cookbook)
        Arrin: Kevin Chamberlin
        Jonah: Donald Trump
        Kevin: Don Fernando from destinos (it’s a Spanish show)
        Jack: Rebecca Black
        Governor: Nash Grier

        1. Hmmm, Paula Deen, as in the slightly past middle age woman who is cooking all the time? And Donald Trump for Jonah. Total win. Thanks for being hilarious. I don’t know any of these other actors.

    4. Theo James, or Dominic Sherwood – Bowen
      Jennifer Lawrence – Jacqui
      Josh Hutcherson – Kevin
      Matthew Daddario – Jonah

    5. i think Reese Witherspoon would be a great Fiona, and Jensen Ackles or Theo James for Bowen, Kevin might go good as Jared Padalecki. all in my opinion at least but IDK about Arris!

  2. I think that Jennifer Lawrence would make perfect Fiona, Logan Lerman for Jonah, Abigail Breslin for Arrin, and Emile Hurst for Bowen. That’s just my opinion.

  3. For Fiona I’d choose either Chloe Moretz, Laura Vandervoort, Julianne Hough, or Taylor Momsen, because she has to be in her teens right? And I think Alex Pettyfer, Kellan Lutz, or Chris Hemsworth should be Bowen.

    1. Chloe Moretz is who I pictured for Fiona while reading! Ryan Guzman for Bowen, Steven r. McQueen for Jonah and I have no I idea for arrin

  4. this isn’t about the cast but I wasn’t sure were to right it. I adored your last book it think it was my favorite book of all time I mean the way u sucked me into the story was amazing. I cant wait to read the next book. my teacher is making use do a report on your favorite book and I picked this one. this was so good I read it in seventh grade and over the summer all I could think about was your book so on the first day back to school I checked it out and I still have I (I recheck it out I didn’t till it) I think I’ve read it about three times this year. my favorite part is was Fiona and bowen are in the sewers and they kiss and then Fiona gets taken away. I cant wait to read your next book your my favorite author ever.

      1. Your books are amazing!!! I read Stung and fell in love with it, so I got Cured, the same night! You are the most incredible author ever!!! Could you please make a third book!!!!! Thankyou for your creativity and hardwork because everyone who reads this will love it!!! I’m begging you to make a third !!!!!

      2. Your books are amazing!!! I read Stung and fell in love with it, so I got Cured, the same night! You are the most incredible author ever!!! Could you please make a third book!!!!! Thankyou for your creativity and hardwork because everyone who reads this will love it!!! I’m begging you to make a third !!!!! Thanks for your time!!! Keep writing!!

  5. What about Dakota fanning she can wear brown contacts and she would be perfect and for Bowen maybe Liam hemsworth with green contacts. I’m the movie the eyes have to be perfect!!!

    1. I hate when that happens, when you read a book you connect with so well that nothing else ever seems as good. Sorry to do that to you, ha ha!

  6. It’s so hard to find people because so many people think of the characters (Fiona, Bowen, and arris\arrin)in a different way but it would be soooooooooo AMAZING if you could find a movie producer and ahhhhhhhhhh I would be so THRILLED but there’s just some advice :):)
    :Amelia (your biggest fan)

  7. First off I absolutely LOVE this book. I think it was really well written and I greatly enjoyed it. I just recently finished reading the second one and it has made me realize you are one of my all time favorite authors. I love to act and I would love it if I could play a part in your movie. I think that Luke Benward would be PERFECT for Bowen, but I don’t know who should play Fiona. I hope you read this and I hope you come out with another book in this series soon.

    1. Thank you!!! I must admit, though, if this becomes a movie, I would have no say in who acted in it. πŸ™ I just wanted to know who my readers pictured in the roles.

      1. I think Shaliene Woodly would be perfect for Fiona and Theo James as Bowen and also these people are from Divergent series when i think of Bowen and Fiona it makes me think so much of Tris and Tobias which is Shaliene Woodly and Theo James i love Stung and love Divergent.Oh please make this a movie but not horror please thanks!!!

  8. I think theo james would be a great bowen. Then for arrin (aka arris) should be bailee madison. And fiona should be Shailene Woodley. I also think that Josh Hutcherson would be a great Jonah. I think this could be a lot like divergent, i keep reading through the book and just see those two actors from divergent, and think this could be a hugh hit if made right and the actors and actresses are chosen. Hopefully stung will become a great movie!!

    1. That would be a definite maybe. Sorry! I don’t know for sure. I am working on something else right now, but maybe after that?

      1. Please make a third! You are my all time favorite author and I really appreciate your books!!! I really want a third book and now I don’t know what to read, because I just finished Cured!!!! Ahhhh help

  9. May you please not use the actors from the Hunger games or Divergent? I mean I look nothing like any of the characters from Sting and I’m definitely not an actor but it would be so much fun to act in a movie!!!

  10. I think Shailene Woodly would be the closest person from the description in the books that would match Fo. Also I love how in both the books you never get bored because if I know my self I’m very impatient and both books have really cool and unexpected twists which are nice so you are always on the edge of your seat waiting to see what comes next.

    P.S. – It would be really nice if you would make another book because I read through all of the comments and literally they all said ” what an amazing book(s)!” and or ” make a third or a movie!”

  11. I don’t think shailene woodley or Jennifer Lawrence for Fiona. I think new actors that nobody has seen before will make it more unique. woodley and Lawrence just play very iconic characters that would distract me from the plot because I would be thinking about their other characters. just my opinion.

    1. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you would have Drew Roy as Bowen I think he’d made an amazing Bowen. For Jonah Zachery Gordan. For Arrin I really don’t know only because at one point he was a boy and at another time he’s a girl then a boy again sooooo if a boy Ewan Archer if a girl Amber Heard for Fiona now thats hard i think we should use a new face for her so people can have fiona be fiona not tris dressed up like fiona or katniss dressed up as fiona but fiona. but if i had to choose someone it would be Nina Dobrev she’s soo awesome so yeah those are my chooses plz plz plz respond back to me

      1. Oooh, those are good choices. Drew Roy would be a hot Bowen. And Nina Dobrev would be great as Fiona. I am glad you liked the books!

    2. i totally agree with this, people choose shailene woodley or jennifer laurence because of divergent and hunger games. I meant theres nothing wrong with them but i agree with new actors making it interesting

  12. Yes, Shailene Woodley would be a good cast member for Fiona, because every time I read this book and how I imagine the scenes I imagine divergent

  13. Alright, I’ve already began to read this book. And fell in love with it. I have to admit, I was a bit confused at first. And I wasn’t sure if I’d like to continue or not. But after a day or two of reading it, I began to fall deeply in love. The characters just leave me wanting more, and more. And I honestly hope you consider creating more books. By far you’re my favorite author. So please create more! And about that movie, In my opinion it’s not going to be as great as the book. (Because, once you read the book before viewing the movie. Forever shall you commit yourself to the book. And chose it over the movie. But, some might not feel the same as I do.) Anyway’s, characters for the movie? That’s hard because you don’t want to chose the wrong person. (Not saying there’s anything wrong with actors/actress.) Just you don’t want the wrong person to play the roll because people (whom view the movie) Might change their opinions completely around. (In some short of bad way.) Eep, well that’s all. (For now at least!)

  14. As much as I love shailene woodley and Jennifer Lawrence, I do not picture stung as cliche as that. I picture as refreshing diverse cast. My cast:
    Fiona- Maddie Hasson or Dakota Fanning
    Bowen- Armie Hammer or Ryan Guzman
    Jonah- Lucas Till
    Arrin/ Arris- Odeya Rush or Stefania Owens

  15. Bethany Wiggins,

    MY friend and I want to say that we Loved your books, Stung and Cured. We are hoping to read shifting soon. we just wanted to say that u did an amazing job at making the books. They were the best we ever read. We would love to say please with all our heart make a movie about the books. We loved it so much we want to see it over and over again forever. Thank you very much for this.

    Sienna Martinez and Beatrice Smith

  16. Omg i can’t believe that stung might have a movie, I have some ideas for the cast… Fiona: Jennifer Lawrence Bowen: Joey Graceffa (He is a youtuber but a good actor) Arrin/Arris: Isabelle Fuhrman Jonah: John Cena

    There you go those are my ideas for it please take them into consideration, I have faith in you : )

    From Tarryn Eckenroth 11 of age

  17. I get SO excited just thinking about this book becoming a movie! I can picture every scene in my head going on to the big screen and it gives me chills. I would probably scream if I one day see a preview for this book at the theaters. Both Stung and Cured were excellent!
    Anyways, I think that the actors and actresses you choose will be the perfect role for each character. Usually I don’t imagine any real person when I’m reading a book, just my own made up person. I do agree that Tom Cruise would be perfect for the governor! BEST OF LUCK!
    Olivia πŸ™‚

  18. Btw: theo james would great for bowen and sheilene woodle for fiona and john cena for johna and for arin Isabelle Fuhrman would be great. I hope this book become a movie. I love you book and uts really cool!!

  19. For me this would be the cats in my Mind:

    1. Bowen, Luke Benward (HE EVEN HAS GREEN EYES).
    But seriously look him up.
    2. Fiona, I love Shailene Woodley but Jennifer Lawrence not so much, I think both are not fit for the role of Fiona though Shailene is a GREAT actress. So I would have to go with Chloe Grace Mortez, Emma Watson, Elizabeth Olsen, or Michelle Trachtenberg (Note: I suggest looking up all the Actresses and Actors I list).
    3. Jonah, Freddie Highmore (DEFINITELY).
    And for Arris/Arrin I Honestly don’t know.

    1. Those are really good! Luke Benward has just enough of that bad boy look (and green eyes!) to pull it off, and Elizabeth Olsen is beautiful!.

  20. matt lanter/Dylan O’Brien as bowen
    Lucas Till as jonah
    Stefania Owens/Odeya Rush as arrin
    Emma Watson as fiona
    So, i only chose this cast after reading all the comments and lookin’ up all these random people. i only know emma watson from harry potter and DYLAN O’BRIAN FROM THE MAZE RUNNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS AN AWESOME MOVIE-SOOOO TENSION FILLED AND LOVED IT. CANT EVEN DECIDE IF BOOK WAS BETTER. There should so be a movie from Stung! The director could be Wes Bal, also from the maze runner!
    There should definatley be new faces in the movie, especially fiona! yes, tom cruise should be govenor. and…hehehe…I agree with mr.m
    I am not an actress, but it would be totally AWESOME to be part of a movie, especially in stung/cured!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bethany Wiggins, your cool, and thanks for reading this, because I know you eventually will. Also you should totally come to Oregon!!!!!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  21. I bought stung and cured at my schools book fair
    I am still reading it and I can’t put it down. As far as I can see this needs to be turned into a movie this is such an amazing book that everybody needs to read. We need to turn this movie idea into a reality.

  22. Well I read this book about a week ago and its really good so I had to search and see if there a another book and there was CURED I was so happy and the cast should be different from the Hunger Games and divergent cast pick someone that new to people and I love your Book and I will be getting CURED really SOON

  23. kaya scodelario for Fiona chris hemswoth for Duncan and Liam hemsworth for Bowen! And definatly Dylan O’brian for Jonah (:

  24. Fiona: Shailene Woodley, Chloe Mortez, or Elle Fanning, Emma Stone, Emma Watson

    Bowen: Brenton Thwaites, Drew Roy, Dylan O’Brien, Liam Hemsworth, Lucas Till

    Jonah: Asa Butterfield, Logan Lerman, Henry Cavill, Ansel Elgort, Cainan Wiebe

    Arris: Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Chace Crawford, Chris O’Donnel, Josh Hutcherson, Jake Abel,

  25. Fiona: Emma Watson
    Bowen: Dylan O’Brien
    Arrin/Arris: Kristen Stewart or Abigail Breslin/Josh Hutcherson,
    Jonah:Alex Pettyfer or Chris Hemsworth

    I loved both of your books!! πŸ™‚

  26. I think Chris Hemsworth should be Bowen and Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson for Fiona… I don’t care who you choose… it will be a great movie πŸ™‚

  27. Bowen- James Franco
    Jonah- Dane DeHaan
    Fiona- Bonnie Wright
    Arrin- Teo Halm
    Governor- Tom Hanks
    People that work with bowen – Tyler perry, scott foley, liam neeson, and will smith

  28. I’d say Shailene Woodley as Fiona because I picture her as Fo. Maybe someone new that no one knows for Bowen? Kellan Lutz would make a great Jonah because he’s all big and muscular and awesome.

  29. I’m not sure about the rest of the characters but id love to see Jennifer Lawrence as Fo ,I think she fits the character!!(-:

    1. Yes!! Theo James as Bowen my thoughts exactly!! Though I see Fiona as Shai. I don’t know if it’s because of her role in Divergent or just because she seemed fit.

  30. I loved stung, I couldn’t put it down, it was just so amazing. You have a great talent with words, and it’s a really interesting turn on things. Very different and that makes it fun to read.

  31. I think a younger girl would be perfect for Fiona. Because she is 17 in the book. I think Lily Collins would be so good for the part. Jennifer Lawrence would be to cliche since she is in The Hunger Games. I think Liam Hemsworth would be perfect for Bowen though.

  32. I think Caroline Sunshine would be a good Fiona she just looks like a normal girl. As for Bowen I think Alexander Ludwig would be a good fit. I’m not really sure who I would pick,I just thought these people are some what new faces that would be nice to see play these parts. Side note I just picked them based on looks, I thought they looked like every day people who could play Fiona and Bowen.

  33. I absolutely loved stung and for it to be made into a movie would be amazing! Jonah was without a doubt my favorite, to play him i would say Ryan Guzman or Kellan Lutz! For Fo, i would say Shelley Henning and Bowen i think Theo James would be awesome haha. For Kevin i would say Logan Lerman, i dont know who i would cast for Jacqui! Shes quite a unique character!

  34. Just get someone super hot for Bowen and someone like Jennifer Lawrence and shalene wordly for Fiona. Alexander Ludwig would be a good Jonah.

    1. Jennifer Lawrence…good idea but shalene wordly should definatly be Jack…..she rocks having a boy cut!!! also is who i think of for Jack

  35. Dakota fanning for Fiona, Maia Mitchell for Jaqui, Amanda Seyfried as Lissa, Theo James as Bowen, and Alex Pettyfer as Jonah. I think natural blondes for the Tarsis family would be perfect. And someone dark and grungy for Arris, maybe someone new and not that famous. I 100% agree that Tom Cruise would be great as the Governor! Stung needs to be a movie, all the apocalypse movies are the same and this seems fresh and different.

  36. I do believe that shailene woodley would be a good choice for Fiona but i thought of her more as Jack ( Jacquin ). I suggest shailene woodley to be Jack. and maybe saoirse ronan for Fiona? I WOULD LOVE IF SHAILENE WAS JACK πŸ˜€ and if you are thing if Nick Roux should be Rowgen or Jonah…. Definatly Rowgen.
    P.S please choose good ideas also for Kevin?

      1. Yeah, Saorise Ronan would be a perfect Fiona and Sharlene Woodley would be perfect for jack, they fit the characters! I totally see both of them as those two πŸ˜€

  37. I think Jake and Kevin is a cuter couple so I’ve been thinking mostly about them. Best book ever I finished both in two days I love them, but hate them for not letting me love other books as much as these two! Fav character is Jack πŸ˜€
    anyways it would be the best two movies if shailene woodley WAS JACK! PURFECT MATCH I WOULD BE the happiest person in the world if shailene woodley was jack, I’m so happy right now just thinking about it, if you already thought the cast please consider her as Jack :3
    Love your work ( I know you have heard it a lot but it’s true ) you have a gift
    Livi <3

  38. Comment here if you would wish to be in cast- not saying you will cause I don’t know Bethany personally — this comment just for funzies πŸ™‚

  39. I really disagree with Shailene as Fiona, I think she’s already been this “action/romance” character in Divergent. I think Fiona should be an actress without action movie experience, because before she finds Bowen she’s a normal girl. I think it would definitely help portray the character more, at least the way she is in my head. And for Bowen, he should be a young actor, definitely experienced in action, but has a good soft side.

  40. I agree with Miranda Grace and Lindsey. I don’t think that Shailene Woodly should be cast. The same with any actors or actresses from YA books made into movies (example: Hunger Games, Divergent, The Fault In Our Stars, etc). I think that they should give other actors/actresses a chance.

    Jaqui – Emma Watson
    Fiona – Carey Mulligan
    Drayden (Bowen) – Jeremy Irvine
    Duncan – Sebastian Stan
    Governor – Christian Bale or Tom Cruise
    Arris/Arrin – Blanket Jackson
    Jonah – Alex Pettyfer

    1. Jack shouldn’t be Emma Watson, also you said we should give other actors a chance, but really what your saying is use an actor that already had a whole movie series, HARRY POTTER! I’m no trying to be rude but your being hypercritical. :/

  41. I know he’s kind of older than what we would expect Bowen to be, but as I was reading Stung and Cured I could’t help but to keep picturing Channing Tatum as him? And well see I cant seem to chose who I like better Dreyden or Kevin. πŸ™‚

  42. Everyone is posting rather popular actors to play in the movies. I really want to see fresh faces, That is why i would be in heaven if this were the cast..I have read all the other suggestions and kinda pulled all of them into one πŸ™‚
    Fiona-Taylor Momsen
    Dreyden- Ryan Guzman
    Arris-Stefania Owens/Odeya Rush/Jake Abel/thomas brodie-sangster
    Jonah- Lucas Till
    Dean- Chance Crawford
    Jacqui- Im not sure. Help me out?

    1. It would be so cool, if STUNG ever became a movie, to have a whole new cast of never-heard-of actors. That could act, of course.

    1. Here are some of my favorite:

      The Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce
      Graceling by Kristin Cashore
      The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey
      Any books by Janette Rallison (hers are hilarious)
      Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith
      Z for Zachariah by Robert C. O’Brien
      The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

  43. Me and my friend had a deal that I would play Fo and she would be Jack. We picked out the cast when we read it last year. Corbin Bleu would be tommy, Zach Efron would be Dreydens BROTHER, emma stone as Lis. Taylor Lautner as Jonah

    1. How does your friend feel about shaving her head nearly bald? πŸ™‚ Zach Efron would be a great Duncan Bowen! Do you think he could pull off being a bad guy?

  44. hi I think that (not being selfish) but the 2 main characters (foturd and bowen) should be new actors and the other leads can be huge movie stars on for the fact that you would get more publisity since people would be confused on why the main characters are not movie stars. well I’ve been an actor all my life I’m 16 turning 17 and I personally believe this not for myself but for others. thank you and please read this mrs. Wiggins!

    1. If I had my way, and STUNG was being made a movie, I would want young, new-ish actors to play the parts. I am tired of thirty-year-old men playing sisteen-year-old boys. You know what I mean?

  45. I think Bowen should be Aaron O’connell, Kira Kosarin as Fiona even though she’s not blond, and the Maddie Ziegler as Arrin not completely sure about the rest of the cast..

  46. So I started reading this book over the summer because it was mandatory at my school. Anyways it is now my favorite book and my first thought after reading it was, “There better be a movie with it being made.” I looked it up and found your website and I looked through all these comments and thought, “why is everyone saying the actors should be from divergent.” Even though they are both the same genre, they are completely different. (Don’t get me wrong, I love divergent. That was my favorite series last summer) Anyways these would be my choices for the characters:

    Fiona: Britt Robertson
    Bowen: Paul Wesley
    Jonah: Ansel Elgort
    Lis: Emma Stone
    Tommy: Tyler Hoechien
    Arrin: Willow Shields
    Duncan: Dave Franco
    Young Fiona: Chloe Grace Mortez
    Young Bowen: Ian Nelson

    1. I agree that it shouldn’t be the same cast as other movies in this genre. I think your picks are awesome. Paul Wesley is gorgeous, and he has that sort of wounded, serious Bowen vibe down. Maybe one day my books will be on the big screen.

    2. Lol my school made me read a book too! I totally agree with everything you said. The cast and movie would be amazing.

  47. I think Dylan Obrien would be a perfect Dreyden Bowen. Jennifer Lawrence looks too grown up to play the part of Fiona. Jennifer is my favorite actress ever but I don’t think this would be the movie for her although she can do anything.

  48. I think that Chloe Grace Moretz would be awesome for Fiona, and Colton Haynes for Bowen, and Andrew Garfield as Jonah

  49. sarah hyland or shailene woodley for fiona
    Paul Wesley for bowen!
    kellan lutz for dean
    shia labeouf or Ansel Elgort for jonah!
    Dylan O’Brain for kevin
    emma stone for lis
    Tyler Hoechien for tommy ‘
    Dave Franco for duncan
    chloe mortez for Jacquin

    this is the best i could come up with but i think itd be really cool to find brand new talented actors to play the cast. One thing i always i dont like in movies that were made from books is when the actor they pick just doesnt fit the character. its one of the most important things because if they dont fit it gives the hole movie a off vibe.
    you should tottaly make another book! i love this book series, make it in whoevers perspective you want just make one please!

  50. Hey, Bethany. I really enjoyed your book, I think I’ll give it a second read.
    In my opinion, Dakota Fanning could be perfect for Fiona’s role. And for Bowen’s…maybe Chris Pine. Although he’s quite old.

  51. I hope that Stung and Cured will be made into a movie!!!!!!!

    But I think Jennifer Lawrence as Fiona
    Liam Hemsworth as Dreyden
    Shailene Woodley as Jack
    Dylan O’Brien as Kevin
    Logan Lerman as Johan

  52. All of these people think that Shailene Woodley and Jennifer Lawrence would be perfect for the main parts, but it’s just going to ruin their original characters. They are both known for their movies Divergent and The Hunger Games and it should stay that way…. Just an opinion though. Plus, there are many more wonderful actresses than just them.

    1. Maya, I agree. I think someone who has not already been type-cast into a dystopian mold would be good. My #1 choice is the girl who plays Arora on the Maleficent movie.

  53. I think she does not have the ” rough” look she look a little to delicate and also no to Jennifer Lawrence she was already in hunger games and stung should be set totally apart because it is so much better than hunger games

    1. Yes, he really encompasses that edge that Bowen has. He would be good. Maybe a little bit old, but they could make him look a bit younger with makeup.

  54. I know that most of this discussion is probably way over by now, but I thought I’d still give my opinion anyways. I honestly think that AJ Michalka would be perfect for Fiona, Colton Hayes or Drew Roy for Dreyden, for Jonas maybe Logan Lerman, and Dylan O’Brian for Kevin. I honestly have no clue who I would put for Arrin because that character changed through the book. People might not agree, but personally I believe AJ and Drew would be perfect for the parts you’re looking for.

    1. I will def check them out when I have more time. Thank you for your thoughts! IT is never too late to contribute. I read every single comment and try to reply.

  55. I think the Nick guy on the link SHOULDN’T be Bowen. You need someone with darker hair, brighter eyes, and more charm…like Bowen

  56. I think that Taylor Lautner or Nick Robinson should be Bowen and Peyton List, Ella Fanning or Indiana Evens would be great for Fiona. They are all very pretty and talented. And if you need anyone for Arrin or a young Fiona, e-mail me please! I love your books!!!

  57. Scrolling through these recommendations, I’m seeing Shailene Woodley, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and a few others in practically every one, but I think a movie with such actors isnt realistic. Personally, I like to see new actors in movies so I don’t have any expectations. For example, Josh Hutcherson is a great actor, but I didn’t like him much in the Hunger Games, so I’m not a fan of many of the characters since then. As most of us do, I did envision the characters as certain actors, though. I saw Bowen as Brett Dalton, Fiona as a blonde Rosa Salazar. People like to envision characters as huge actors that were in huge movies, but I think it’s good to set these apcharacters apart from Katniss, Tris, and other famous characters.

  58. People, please stop posting 30 year old people for suggestions! The actors be within five years of the actual givin age. And look like the character. Taylor Lautner, I think we could make an acception there… thank you for the books!!! It would be an awesome movie!

  59. I feel like Chloe Grace Moretz would be an AMAZING Fiona Tarsis. Maybe someone like Leonardo dicaprio should play Duncan, and maybe Josh Hutcherson should play the role of Dreyden

  60. Emma watson could make a good Fiona as well as shailene woodley. Paul Wesley or Theo James could make a good Dreyden. Even though Tommy isn’t a huge character Nat wolff could play that part.

  61. Honestly I don’t watch tv. So I have nooooooooooooo clue who any actor is. I just envision the characters in my head.
    But for the picture I would have to choose him to be Bowen.

    1. Katie, I totally understand! I have very little time for TV, so when people name actors, I have to go look them up!

  62. Same
    For the longest time people would ask me:
    “Do you know who Channing Tatum is?”
    And my response is:
    “No -_- You know I don’t watch tv.”
    and then they would laugh
    I just stare at the idiot, roll my eyes and walk off. Before I say or do something stupid

  63. Same~~~
    For the longest time people would ask me:
    “Do you know who Channing Tatum is?”
    And my response is:
    “No -_- You know I don’t watch tv.”
    and then they would laugh
    I just stare at the idiot, roll my eyes and walk off. Before I say or do something stupid

  64. I only know who everyone talks about. And the ones I like, like Mitchell Kummen. But there are lots of good actors out there, for me it’s just finding who would be good for a certain role.

    1. I found the girl who could totally pull of Fiona Tarsis: Kieran Shipka. I have never seen her act, but she has this sweet, innocent look about her that is sort of what I was going for.

  65. I have never seen any of the movies he is in but I was looking at a site with young actors and came across someone named Braeden Lemasters. He looks like he could make a good Bowen, by appearance anyway.

  66. He looks ok, but would need some green contacts. Also, he looks a little too much like a player and knows he looks good.

  67. Fiona: Emily Kinney
    Dreyden: Theo James
    Jacqui: Christian Serratos
    Kevin: Grant Gustin
    Jonah: Cody Christian
    Dean: Ryan Kelly

  68. For Bowen, I was thinking Logan Lerman maybe. I can really find anyone who fits my mental image for Bowen, but he is as close as it gets.

  69. I think Shailene Woodley would be a perfect Fiona and everytime I think about Bowen I think Alex Roe because of his bright green eyes.

  70. I was thinking Logan Lerman, because I can’t find anyone who fits my mental image of Bowen, and he is close enough. 300th comment, just saying. Stung is awesome!

    1. Wow, I agree. I don’t know what Evan Peters has been in, but judging by his pictures, he fits how I see Kevin, too.

  71. He looks ok, but is 30. The actor who plays Kevin shouldn’t be any older than 23, if you ask me which no one did.

  72. I don’t know for the others but when I was reading cured I had recently seen the deadpool movie so when I read cured I was picturing jack like “Negasonic Teenage Warhead” A.K.A. Brianna Hildbrand so I think she would be a really good Jack

    1. He’d be awesome. I saw him in a movie recently and totally thought he’d be a good fit (as long as he doesn’t get too old!).

  73. I think possibly Nick Jonas for Kevin but I think Luke Kleintank would be really really good as Kevin???

  74. I would say:
    Fiona: Ella Fanning or Peyton List

    Dreydon Bowen: Logan Lerman (can’t find anyone who fits my mental image, but he is as close as it gets)

    Jacqui: I don’t really know

    Kevin: Mitchell Kummen

  75. i think dianna agron for fiona
    theo james or jenson ackles as bowen
    shailene woodley for arris
    shawn white as kevin
    nina dobrev as jacqui
    colton haynes as jonah

  76. u r my idol i love u and all of ur books and definatly stung and cured i would love 4 u 2 make it a movie and a 3rd book would be nice

    i want to see what happens with kevin and jack

  77. u r my idol i love u and all of ur books and definatly stung and cured i would love 4 u 2 make it a movie and a 3rd book would be nice

    i want to see what happens with kevin and jack


  78. If you want my honest opinion, I don’t think it’s such a good idea. I read through many of the comments left and don’t agree who should play the parts, as suggested. The thing is, Stung is my favorite book. It has been since one of my teachers assigned Cured to be read for a book project. Since then I have been thinking about Stung as a movie. The problem is, I love Stung, along with it’s characters. I don’t want it to be ruined by a movie. I have a clear image of Fiona and Jonah Tarsis, Dreydon Bowen, and all the other characters.

    When I say clear image, I do not mean a physical picture. I’m not sure how to explain it, but let me give you an example. I read the books in chronological order: first Stung, then Cured. I was amazed after reading Stung. It was incredible. Personally, I am not one who cries much, but reading that book was the first time I cred in a while. I was speechless after reading it, and was hesitant to read Cured. Since Cured was the book assigned, I was obligated to read it either way. Most likely I would have read it anyways. I read the book and very much enjoyed it. Although it was not a great as Stung, in my opinion, it was still amazing. The book (Cured) still made it into my top ten favorite books, Stung being #1 and Cured being #6.

    The thing is, Cured brings down Stung for me. I re-read Stung, later, but with new eyes, not because it was a re-read. I’m not saying Cured was a mistake, even if it may seem like it. No, Cured was a fantastic book. What I’m trying to say is, once in a while I do re-read Stung, and I do not think I am the only one and these mental images everyone has may not fit in well with how the character is portrayed by an actor.

    I have mental images of the characters, as well, as mentioned before. Not clear images, but perfect images, in my opinion. One that is unique, thus simply does not exist in reality. I would not want the movie to change these images. I will not target specific example that have been proposed by others in these comments, but I would not want to imagine them when reading the book. In my head there is Fiona Tarsis, Fo, not an actor who I may have seen in other movies or could mess up the character for me in general.

    When I say image, I mean characteristics and looks combined. How the character moves in my head and act in general. You’d think the looks are the only thing people will imagine for everything else is described in the book, but I believe everyone’s version of Bowen is different, for example. I think of him as this perfect man who has green eyes, but that is everyone’s thought, for that is the description given to us. Personally, I think of him with a square-ish face, eyes green, but faded, in a way. In my mental universe, he is taller than Fiona. I’ve discussed the book with others and was told that some people have an image of him as an extremely skinny boy who is the same height as Fiona and has these striking bright green eyes.

    Another example I can give of this is in Fiona. If a movie is made for Stung and Cured, one actress will play her. In my mind, Fiona is a different character in Cured than she is in Stung. It makes sense to me in the context of the two books, and would not like to have that corrupted.

    I will not list the specific book/movie, but there was a book I read once. I absolutely loved the book and was very excited when the movie came out. The movie was TERRIBLE. I do not know if my opinion on the movie has been influenced by the book, but I hated it. I tried to re-read the book at one point, and could not. Everything was different, for at that point I was imagining the movie while reading the book. Since then I have not read the book again, nor do I plan to anytime in the near future. The book was not as great as Stung or Cured, nor did I ever think it was, before the movie or after, but to me that just means things will be even worse if I experience the same with these books.

    However, due to my love of these books, if a movie is made, I am guaranteed to watch it. I must. I cannot have the absence of the knowledge of the movie in my life knowing the movie exists.

    I understand that one 13 year old girl’s opinion isn’t much and might not change your mind about actions you take or thoughts you may have, but it’s just something to think about.

    My apologies if I went off on a tangent.

    1. Wow, Hesitant! This is a beautiful comment, and I cannot believe you are only 13! Thank you for loving my books so much. For the first time ever, I can see how a movie would really disrupt how people see the characters. Thank you so much for your comment!

  79. Jack——-India Eisley
    Fo——-Dilan Gwyn
    Kevin——-Nick Robinson
    Bowen——-Theo james
    Jonah——–Logan Paul
    Dean——Chris Pratt

  80. I feel as if you need need characters. Ones that havent starred in many movies. since I am the kind of person who puts themselves in the main characters shoes and this is my favorite book Ive always felt i would make a great fiona. Even if its just a dream and very unrealistic but ill never give up hope?



    steel magnolias, KARATE KID!!! you get the idea…

    plz plz plz pleeeeeeeeeeeease.. i’m begging u, i might cry if u don’t….this was a story i read at age 9…PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!

    1. You don’t know if Bowen or Arrin/s is black actually you don’t know if anyone in that story is black except for Fiona

  82. Well I have been an actor for 12 years now and since you said that the movie won’t be made NOW in maybe a couple years I could play Bowen it would be awesome I already love the book and I know someone who could play Fiona as well.

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