STUNG’s Cast Part 2

So, if you haven’t already read the post about who we should pick for actors if STUNG was made into a movie, then read this first.

If STUNG is ever made into a movie, it would be AWESOME! Right? Yes. Totally awesome. And, while that is not a reality right now, we–my fellow STUNG lovers and I–picked people for the cast anyway. This was so much fun! You’ve got to see how it turned out . . .

I took the top picks and put them on a PINTEREST page dedicated to STUNG. So if you want to see who made the cut, follow that pinterest link . . . there are also some added bonus pictures, like a photo of the mark, and the hotel room where Bowen and Fo stay.

Oh, and if you have any suggestions of other things to add to the page, leave it in the comments!


126 thoughts on “STUNG’s Cast Part 2

  1. WE NEED A THIRD BOOK IN THE STUNG SERIES. You have already masteraly written about someone who has survived in this post apocalyptic America, and someone who is trying to survive. A third book about someone who didn’t survive, ex. Jonah, or Kevin’s sister. This would be an amazing story to end the series, telling what it is like to be the beast and after you are cured. The things you have to deal with for the rest of your life.

    Thanks soooooo much
    PS. Your books are amazing, read both in a day each!

    1. HI i am twelve years old and i think that Chole Mertez should be Fiona ,Laim Hemsworth as Bowen ,Dylan O’brien as Jonah and last Shailene Woodley as Arrin. I honestly Love your book and think you did a AWESOME job!!

      1. Yes, I think that Dylan O’Brien would make a good Jonah, and Shailene Woodley would make a great Arrin! Except, ARRIS ISN’T A GIRL! ๐Ÿ™‚ But in my opinion Chloe Mortez would not make a good Fiona…but Lilly Collins would make a FOR SURE make a STELLAR Fo… and Tyler Posey would make a good Bowen in my opinion!

          1. Also I think either Selena Gomez, Lilliy Collins, or Shelley Hennings would be
            good Foina.

    2. Chaz,

      Thank you! Did you see the short story about Jonah and Kevin’s sister that I recently posted on here? If not, check it out! Tell me what you think!

    3. I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing that i would love more than for there to be a third book. I read the second book in a matter of hours. I loved the stories between Bowen and Fiona along with Jacqui and Kevin but now it is Johna’s turn. He is such an amazing character who just needs love to finally believe the words that Jacqui told him. True beauty is on the inside. Tessa would be the perfect one for him to fall in love with too. Both know the pain of being a beast and then taking the cure. Along with that maybe we could also get more background on what happens between Kevin,Jacqui,Bowen and Fiona. Do Fiona and Bowen have a child? Do Jacqui and Kevin get married? I just believe that a third book is needed to sum up all of the loose ends that were left from the first and second book.

      p.s You are the inspiration for me wanting to be a writer one day myself

      1. I totally think their should not only be a third book but more because they are still young I’m waiting to get my hands on the second book and I’m now rereading the first book while waiting and it’s addicting please Bethany Wiggins make more books about stung I’m firing for more stories. Also if there is a movie can’t be suckish. I think Selena Gomez would make a great Fiona. I think that a good Dreyden would be either Colton Haynes or Dylan Strayberry. A good Arris would be Noah Ringer (google them to see them). A good Jonah would be Ansel Elgort.


  3. I honestly feel like Dianna Agron would be an amazing Fiona. She has the looks and she has cut her hair before, so cutting her hair for the movie would not be such a drastic thing. For Bowen, I don’t even know!

  4. I really hope your have any thoughts about making a third book for the stung series. I really like to know what goes on for Kevin and Jack, or how the cure works and Jack’s family does she ever get to see them again

  5. Jennifer Lawrence would be Fiona a strong female role with tomboy accents and she would draw people to watch it

  6. Mrs. Wiggins, I admire your books and I think that all of your books need to be turned into movies, do you happen to know any sort of producer for movies, because that would make it easier to get them made?

  7. I’m REALLY disappointed to see such a vast amount of people suggesting actors like Theo James, Shailene Woody, and Jennifer Lawrence for roles in Stung…
    – These are actors that have already starred in Novel -> Movie roles
    which I believe will sacrifice the genuineness to the movie and’ll portray the story as less than it truly is: Immaculate.
    – They don’t fit the characters at all in my opinion
    — ** They didn’t use Jennifer Lawrence in Divergent for a reason… Originality is key!
    Anywayyy, I’d like someone like Daeg Faerch for Arrin
    Maybe Colton Haynes for Bowen if he grows his hair out, but I havent seen him do that so idk.
    Idk about the other roles..

  8. I really think you should make a third book and a movie the epilogue left me at a cliff hanger. I would like to know what happens to Kevin and jacqia. Jonah, fo, bowen, and fo`s mom. Also I would like to know what happens to Kevin`s sister.

  9. it Okay -_- So any one who knows me knows I hate reading… And I had to due a book report so I picked the first book I saw and I was gonna suffer through… The first book I saw was “Cured” and I *bleeping* loved this book to death!!! But then I soon realized it was the second book in the series so I got the third book to read….. Good right?? NO!! I’m am so pissed the book isn’t in “Jacks” point of view so pissed that I stopped reading it……. I love the 2nd book but please I beg you if you make a 3rd.. Please make it from “Jacks” point of view or hell.. Even Kevin’s Idk but something with that story please!!!

    1. S’vana, It is so interesting that you feel this way. I have had quite a few livid readers when they discovered that CURED wasn’t from Fiona’s point of view. They hate Jack!!! I like Jack more, too. I think Fiona is great, but I like Jack.

  10. Dear Ms. Wiggins,

    Thank you for writing this wonderful story. I have, somehow, always been obsessed with sci-fi and fantasy books. This is exactly what I like to read. I practically begged my mom to get me the second book to this series. It’s a mix of sci-fi and romance and I absolutley love it!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for your next series. I have a question. How did you develop the plot and character?

    Thank you so much,

    1. Amanda

      I developed the plot for STUNG after I had a nightmare (which is chapter 1), and then just by sitting down and writing the story. It sort of just came together as I wrote it, and then when it was all done, I filled in the parts that didn’t make sense (does that make sense?). As for the characters, I have a neighbor who is a piano prodigy, and I thought it would be really cool to have a book with a piano prodigy. So I took a little bit from her and added things to the idea of a prodigy and that is how I came up with Fiona. I based Bowen VERY loosely on a boy in my neighborhood who was always riding his skateboard around and getting into trouble. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. I am so in love with this book. I really hope you make this into a movie. you are one of my favorite authors thank you so much. you have inspired me to start writing and even think about going into the career of writing. thank you so much!

    1. Savanna, It was reading books that I LOVED that made me want to be a writer, I just never thought I could do it. So, one day, when my sister dared me to try, I realized it was even more fun to write the books than to read them. It took me a LOT of work (I wasn’t good at it at first, and STUNG is the tenth book I wrote because that’s how long it took me to get good at writing) but it has been worth it. Follow your dreams, and don’t give up if even if you have to work really hard to achieve them.

  12. I just wrote a long comment but I don’t think it posted. ๐Ÿ™ is there a limitation on how much I can type?

    1. Lauren, your comment didn’t go through, but I would really like to know what you had to say! If you click the contact button on the home page of this website, you can send me an email, and I will respond. I respond to all emails unless the sender entered the wrong email address.

  13. MY GOSH! I loved your books and really hope that STUNG becomes a movie! My friend and I (we’re both HUGE bookworms) would be fangirling all day! I think that Robert Pattinson would be cool for Bowen and Alexandria Deddario (am I spelling that right?) would be awesome for Fiona. YOU’RE AWESOME, BY THE WAY!

  14. I am dying to see Grant Gustin to play Bowen! He has the brown hair and green eyes that Dreydon Bowen has in the book! I will be so happy if he plays Bowen and Stung gets made into a movie!

  15. Dear Ms.Wiggins Plz ? Make the stung series a trilogy I hate cliffhangers btw so pleeeeeeease make a third book as a follow up with everybody’s perspective that are in the story, like every chapter the perspective changes

    1. Hi, Austin!

      Thank you so much for the awesome email and comments on my webpage. I love hearing from readers. You guys are what make it all worth it.

      I am replying to your question on here because you emailed me on a student account, and only designated people can email you on there. I wanted to be sure you got an answer. Right now I am in the middle of writing a trilogy about a princess who chooses to be sacrificed to a dragon instead of being forced into an arranged marriage. I have no guarantees, but maybe when I am done with that, I will look into writing a third STUNG novel. I tried to NOT end Cured on a cliffhanger, I really tried to wrap it all up and make it a happy ending. Sorry I left you wanting more.

      Take care!


    1. I am referring to the message that came to my email account. I tried to reply, but it bounced the message back since you used a school email address. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. I love the book stung it is so good .in the third book you should go back to Fiona and Bowen. Do they have kids?and is their a reaction to them from their mother. I think it would be a great book if their is a strange defect on the children…

    1. LOL, If I do a third, it will most likely be from Jonah’s perspective. But as of now, I have a pretty big writing work load. I won’t be able to write a book 3 for a while.

  17. I love your series I read it in 6th grade and when I was halfway through u found out their was a second book and I said mom get me the second one. She got me cured and when I was done with stung I read cured and I’ve been in love since I read the books a lot. I love your writing you are so talented.

  18. In my opinion, I think that Chloe Moretz would be a great Fiona, Logan Lerman for Dreyden Bowen, Zac Efron for Duncan Bowen, and Dylan O’ Brien for Jonah

    1. Zac would be perfect for Duncan! Those are all really good suggestions. I know Chloe is the main actor in The Fifth Wave, coming out in January. I can’t wait to see her in that.

  19. i have something to ask you so as i know you are making a movie so my sister gabby is a big fan of stung so can you make a new book just like stung and curd so make so she can be happy i am just asking if you can ( :

  20. dear miss.Wiggins i am so happy you said yes you are the best in the whole world i love you for my book writer thanks for making stung it changed my life and it inspired me so that made me want to make a story just like yours.

  21. Hey, since I’m under age and don’t like to lie even if it is online, can you post the cast list here? Also, if there is an actress needed for Arrin or anything, e-mail me!!! I’m 12. And please do another book! Your books are what got me started on dystopian fiction, and I love those kinds of books.

    1. Colleen, There are several actors picked for all the parts, not just one per character on the Pinterest page. Is there an age specification or something to use Pinterest? Anyhow, here is MY dream cast: Thomas Brodie-Sangster would be a great Bowen. Elle Fanning would be a perfect Fiona. Tyler Hoechlin for Dr. Grayson. Tom Cruise for the governor. I have no clue for Arrin. Emma Watson or Emma Stone for Lissa. As for Bowen, that one is so hard. I am thinking Logan Lerman or Dylan O’Brien. Michael B. Jordan for Tommy.

  22. Your books are so first my sister read stung and I thought I’d never read it but after just flipping through a few pages I was hooked.I love your books

  23. Yeah, the age requirement is 13 and I’m only 12. Thank you for your dream cast! I agree on the actors and actresses. Please write a third book!

  24. omg I just finished the book stung and it has to be my favorite book of all time! every time I hear Fiona, I think of Shailean Woodley and Theo James for Dreydon Bowen. if anything, I would LOVE to see them together in this movie and I cannot wait for it to come out im sure it will be AMAZING. as goes for arris… I have to say neel sethi and for Jonah alexander Ludwig is an amazing match! I love your work! thank you so much

  25. Theo James and Shaliene Woodley have had their run in the dystopian movie world. They were great in Divergent, but they just don’t really speak to me for those. Ella Fanning would be an amazing Fiona and for Dreydon, I can’t really find anyone who fits my mental image of him, but Nick Robinson is about as close as it gets. I can’t find anyone for Jacqui, but Kevin needs to be Mitchell Kummen.

  26. i loved the books so much and would die if you got them to make a movie I can really relate to the story a bit. I have read the books about a billion times. And your work was so inspiring for me I started writing my on stuff and would love for you to read it.if u ever feel like writing a third book please message me or something ur so inspiring for me

  27. She will write a third one, but is wrapping up a trilogy. A movie would be awesome. Do you mind if me and my friends made a YouTube movie for Stung and Cured?

  28. That is what our channel would be. Books we like made into movies, DIYs, types of, and just suggestions from the people. When our channel is made, Iยดll tell you the name. Come check us out! and please subscribe.

  29. We should have it out this summer, and I will definetly let all of you know about it!!! Thank you for the inspiring books and encouragment to coming writers like me.

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