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Yes, yes. I know what you all are thinking . . . This website rocks! You’re right. It does. It is beautiful and spectacular and amazing. Go poke around. It has nifty features like . . .

A way to contact me (please do! I love hearing from fans!).

A place to send me questions that we can discuss–if they aren’t already answered on the Q&A page.

My picture (which is an amazingly good picture–I look at it and wish I always looked that good) and biography. Want to know more? Go to the Q&A page or the discussion page.

Links to my books.

Seriously, best website ever, thanks to the genius mind who made it for me (Joseph Carlson).

201 thoughts on “My Awesome New Website

  1. Will you make a third book in the Stung series, I loved both Stung and Cured, so I wanted to ask if you will make a third book, Thank You.

    1. I think she wrapped up Stung in Cured…. It does seem like she may have left it open for a third book though!! That would be awesome. We will have to see what happens. 🙂

    2. There is a good chance I will write a third book from Jonah’s perspective, but I made the series wrap up and give the readers closure with two books so that if I don’t, no one will be too mad.

      1. Can the third book be about Jonas and Tessa? I think they might be great for each other, both coming back from beasts…please–please?

      2. I will be really mad if you don’t make a third book I just finished cured and I tried to read a different book but all I can think about is oh my gosh that was such a good book I wish there was a third book!!!
        I want to read it soooooo bad
        You are a really good author

          1. That is crazy fast! Best praise a book can get is that the reader couldn’t put it down.


          2. I got Stung last year at a book fair raffle and LOVED it! I had read it in about a day.
            I recently bought Cured and finished it. Only took me about 6 hours!
            I would ask (if you could) that you make the 3rd book (if you make one) a bit longer? I’m just a really fast reader..

            Thank you for the awesome books,

            Ps. Mom really likes Stung but hasn’t read Cured yet!

          3. Caitlin, I am a slow reader, so for me these books are long, ha ha. The funny thing about a story is it ends itself, believe it or not. My stories sort of decide for themselves how long they will be. My new book, which comes out next year, is a bit longer than STUNG and CURED. I think it is SO COOL that your mom likes my book!!!

      3. Oh my gosh! After I read cured I was brainstorming who you would do a perspective of in a third book, and I thought it would be either Jonah, or his love interest, if he ever gets one.

          1. Please no one get offended by this but I think that if Jonah turned out to be gay it would add a nice twist to the plot

      4. Personally I think it would be nice to have a 3rd book we could meet Tessa and see how the world ends up to be and if Fiona and Bowen have kids in think that would be nice. Just suggesting

      5. Please please please write another book I love the series it is really good. I just finished the second book not even five minutes ago and I want another!!!

      6. Alice January 23, 2015 at 3:07 am
        I think that the third book if you make it should be Jonahs prospective but If you have time as suggestion on more if you do more in Bowen prospective abuot what happened to him during like stung and a love story of Kevin and jack

      7. Please don’t make the ending bad {if you make another book, this book is way to good for that} and you said in a comment if stung were to become a movie who should play the characters I think Anna Kendrick would be good for the job !

      8. I wish u would write about dean and his family and Kevin and jacqi and Jonah and if he finds love along with Fiona and Bowen and if they ahe a child. You should also turn them into movies I would live them. From u #1 fan CODI

        1. Thank you for loving my books, Codi–my #1 fan. If I do write a third, all of those things will be in it.

        1. Arianna,

          Thank you! I really think you will like the new trilogy I am releasing. It has a brave princess and an strong, fierce, hot, funny warrior. If you liked Stung and Cured, you’re bound to like my other books. They come out next year. SOOOOOO far away, I know. 🙁

          1. That was a risk, and I knew it, but I have no regrets. I think Jack had some really important things to teach us.

      9. Please, please, please write a third book for the Stung series! I am more than obsessed with your books and I must read more!!! I can’t choose whether Stung or Cured is better but I love them both. They are definitely my favorite novels of all time!!!!!

    3. UPDATE: I have a lot of awesome ideas for a third book, so when the writing bug hits, chances are that is what I will write.


    4. I thinkn 2 more books would be great, one in Kevins perspective “life before and leading up to Jack” and 2nd book on after they got to the safe place. I love your books, I think your a wonderful writer & would love to see these made into movies. I think I won stung from Goodreads giveaway, but I am not for sure as I do not remember picking it up in walmart, barnes n noble or sams club. Sometimes I win a book from Goodreads and am in the middle of reading something else, so it ends up on my shelf till the cover sparks my interest again. So thank you for the book, I loved it!

  2. WHEN ARE THESE SERIES GOING TO BE TURN INTO AN AMAZING MOVIE!?!? I love your work so much! I love the sabotage with “Arrin” from Stung. I am thrilled to read Cured. But seriously this has to be played theatre!!!

      1. You should see if lionsgate would agree, they did both Divergent and The Hunger Games and the were good, this would be an awesome movie, it’s got so much action and romance everyone would be on the edge of their seat, i know my friends and I would. Oh! And by the way I think you such a cool author, I’ve been on many authors websites and they don’t respond to what their readers say, and I just think that it’s so cool.

      2. I read most of the comments and the reason why I’m even on here is because I searched up ” will shifting ever be made into a movie ” then i realized you had other books. I don’t really read a lot but when I find the perfect book I’m stuck on it, but is the book Stung and Cured a series that follow Shifting ?

      3. Of yes! I am seriously going to be awake day and night searching the Web for movie producers that aren’t currently working on a movie!!! =D

      4. Please, if you make a movie on these novels, please make the details on point(or at least 99.999% accurate :):):):):)) because I have watched novel based movie and it scared me because it was so inaccurate. Please make it as good as, if not better than the book itself but with the same details. :):):):):)

      5. Please make a movie, but just a word of suggestion, please make it 100% accurate to the book because this book is AMAZING and I would love to see it as a movie but the most accurate version possible. I have been scared by many, in my opinion, awful representations of a book as a movie and I really can’t see such great books like these turned into inaccurate, off representations. Please do a movie with these suggestions!!!! :):):):):)

  3. Bethany, I absolutely am I LOVE with your work! You alone have made ME want to become an author. After reading Stung, I couldn’t stop, I read it at least 20 times, and when I heard there was a sequel, I almost screamed!! I love your books so much that I even went into the adult section of the library to read your other books! If there was a third book I might cry (literally) Just wanted to say that you work is amazing!! you are my all time favorite author!!

  4. I love Stung and Cured so much! I really hope that you write a third book! And I would also love to see them both turned into a movie as long as the movie doesn’t ruin them. I hate when movies don’t go by the book. 🙁

  5. I completely agree with everyone, Stung and Cured are absolutely amazing. The are my favorite books and it would make me SO SO happy if there was a third book! And even if you don’t write a third, please write more books! I haven’t read Shifting yet, but I am going to soon. Your books are amazing and they really should become movies!!

  6. Will Stung be turned into a movie. Just so you know I am not a big reader, but I love epidemic tv shows and games. So I read you book. I have never read a book so fast before. I loved it so much I didn’t want to if fish it. Then I figured out about Cured. My best day ever! Please never stop this series.

  7. I love love love love love love loooooooove loooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeee stung and cured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really really hope you make a lot more books after cured you could write it in Bowen or Kevin’s perspective. I couldn’t stop reading stung. Your books are so good . I could read them forever

    1. if you could i would love to be a actor in the movie!
      i think i should be fiona…look me up on instagram dannigirl6393
      i would love to be a actress when im older…thankyou
      p.s i play piano to lol

  8. Dear Bethany Wiggins,
    Wow you are an incredible author!
    I wish i could meet you in real life.
    I am a huge reader, i’ve read a lot of books in my life, trust me a lot!
    And stung and cured are probably the best books I have ever read, ever!
    Thank you so much for publishing beautifully written novels.
    Your writing is my taste!
    I siersly love your writing!!!
    thanks< your friend danni
    p.s- can you please write a third book of the stung series? please.


    i love it! Stung is my Favorite book! 😀

  10. I loved both books.There the best books I have ever read.I saw in Cured it talked more about the Raiders than the beast.which I liked.Im begging you to make another book.When I pick up your books I never want to put them down.In the third book I would like all the Characters in cured to be in it.Please make another book!!!!

  11. Dear Bethany

    Your books are incredible! I read Stung and tried to savor the book as much as possible but then I found out about Cured and almost died the adventure is not yet over! Let me just say you write out characters beautifully and create there emotions so well its almost hard to believe that the characters in Stung and Cured aren’t real. And I also someday wish to become an author but I will never be as good as you! Not to mention I recommended this book to many people and they were immediately hooked. And please write a third book I would read it as soon as I could!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Rachel,

    Always believe in yourself. It took me a lot of hard work to be an author, but I did it . . . you can too. Thank you for spreading the word about my books. I really appreciate it!


  13. Bethany stung and cured are such good books! I read stung so many times. I couldn’t stop reading it. The romance is so good. Are you going to make a third book I really really hope so.

  14. Dear Bethany,
    When I finished cured I almost cried because I really, Really, REALLY wanted to read the next book that I screamed in frustration and almost cried! I was thinking maybe it could be in everybody’s perspective so you do differant people on each chapter. Maybe the group (Fiona,Dreyden,Dean,Jacqui,Kevin,Jonah,ext.)can go back and Jacquis family and Fiona’s sister and husband and maybe Jacqui and Kevin will gat married and maybe Fiona and Dreyden and Jacqui and Kevin and Fionas sister will have children/child. Just random Ideas but I don’t care if none of them are in there as long as you write anouther book. I wish someone would make stung and cured movies, but like the book. I would watch them like twenty times before getting bored of them.
    From one of your greatest Stung fans,

  15. Bethany please please make a third book. Your the best author in the world. I loved stung and cured so much.Will you make a third book,I really hope saw. Maby you can make a fourth book also. Please make a third book.

  16. I absolutely loved stung it was easily one of my favorite books I would love if this book would come alive through a movie as well. you did an excellent job and I admire the way you write. I loved the romance between Bowen and Fiona and the detail put into this wonderful book and thank you for writing this book for so many people to enjoy:)

    1. I am only 13 years old and I love writing stories of my own maybe you could give me some tips
      Amelia valente

      1. The best advice I have is this:

        1. Read a lot, because the more you read, the more you understand how to write a great book.

        2. If you want to be a writer, the best way to get good at it is practice. Write a lot! Try out different stories and see what you like writing.

        3. Be patient with yourself. The ability to be a good writer is not something that someone is just born with. They have to work at it, and they have to do a lot of revising. Things won’t turn out perfect the first time, ever, even when you’re a published writer!

        4. Last, Believe in yourself and your dreams. Anything is possible! Go out there and change the world!

    1. I agree, it was AMAZING(said with my hands making a rainbow). I wish there were a million more books and I could just read them all in one night!

  17. I hope you make a third book in the series. The romance, the battles, and survival were on key. I was always on the edge of my seat reading it. It would be really interesting to keep the series going, but maybe a new villain? I want to see what will happen to characters now. It was a good way to wrap up the series in the second book, but I wish to see more. The best book series I have read so far. Keep it up(:

  18. Many of my students have borrowed my classroom library copies of Stung and Cured. They loved the books and are anxiously awaiting a third installment. If you have the opportunity to write a third book, I know my students (and I’m sure many other students) would appreciate it! Thank you for bringing the joy of reading to my students!

    1. I loved books as a teenager. I am glad I am able to bring that to others. Tell your students I say hello, and happy reading!


  19. I love the book stung so much and look forward to reading cured. Its so much like the hunger games and divergent but with a different unique twist to it. If your a divergent or a hunger games fan, this book is for you

  20. I’m not a big reader, but when my friend introduced me to one of your books I couldn’t stop reading. I love both books and it would be amazing if you made a third book, I love your books!

    1. Angie, thank you so much. I am glad to hear you liked the book, especially since you aren’t a big reader. That is awesome!


  21. I really love stung and cured it really interested me about how the bee flu vaccine actually lead to them turning into beasts I am a HUGE fan of your books please keep writing your an AMAZING author. – Christian

  22. You are an AMAZING WRITER!!! I love your books so much. You’re so creative and it’s such an honor to read your books. You inspire me to try writing and I absolutely love how your books turn out. You are my number one favorite author! Please continue to write books. I love your point of view in a book. Thanks for the great reads!!!

  23. I love your books so much Bethany! Thank you so much for writing them, they are so awesome! I wish there were more, I could just read them all in a second! I really hope thre will be another book and movie!

  24. Read stung for an 8th time tonight absolutely in love with this novel OMG I can’t put the book down you are so amazing I luv it !!!:):):):):):):)

  25. First off I absolutely LOVE this book. I think it was really well written and I greatly enjoyed it. I just recently finished reading the second one and it has made me realize you are one of my all time favorite authors. I love to act and I would love it if I could play a part in your movie. I think that Luke Benward would be PERFECT for Bowen, but I don’t know who should play Fiona. I hope you read this and I hope you come out with another book in this series soon.

  26. Okay so I hate reading stung was the best book I have litterly ever read in 2 days each page led me wanting more please make more or even better make movies the only bad is that the second book started out with somebody else but stung really toucedh me because the relationship with Fiona and Bowen

  27. Dear Bethany,

    I love stung and cured although at the end of cured I feel like you cut off the story it would be cool to meet Tessa! I was thinking Jonah and Tessa could possibly fall for each other. And just a suggestion could you go back to Fiona’s perspective?? Again, I LOVE your books! Hope to see a 3rd one!

    1. If I do a third book, it will be from Jonah’s perspective. Sorry the end felt like it was cut off! I tried to wrap it up and make it as un-cliffhanger-ish as possible, I swear!

  28. If (and by that I mean when) the first movie comes out, you should sell me and my family the first tickets to the premier. And when it is time for the premier, you should go to it so your BIGGEST fans *cough cough* me *cough* can meet you. It would be a dream come true!!

  29. I loved your book and would be sooo happy if you made a third book or a movie. After I read stung and cured I crossed my fingers that you would make a third one.

  30. I read both books within a week and Need the series to end perfectly so pleeze make a new one. It needs a perfect ending without those horrible cliff hangers at the end or a series

  31. Hi Bethany! I have just read your two books, Stung and Cured, and I would die if you made a third book! The Stung series is my ultimate favorite series. If you were to make a third book, I would love to get to know Jonah better. But make sure to include Fiona and Bowen a lot because I LOVE THEM!! Also if Jonah could find someone he loved that would be great! Please make a third book!

    PS It needs to be a movie too! 🙂


    1. I don’t know how to make movies, but I think it would be an awesome movie. Maybe a producer will pick up STUNG one day and turn it into a movie!

  32. This is not about Stung or Cured its about Shifting it was so good i read it in one day. I am hopeing you will make a 2 book and a movie. You are defintly my all time fav author!

    1. Thank you, Eva! I hope all of my books are turned into movies one day, or Shifting is turned into a TV show. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME? As for Shifting 2, I don’t think I will ever publish it.

      1. I friend recommend a book called the cure and I ended up with Cured from the library. I figured out it wasn’t the book I’d meant to get by the second chapter, but I couldn’t put it down! I did stop, but only when I got Stung. When I finished it, I picked Cured right back up 🙂 I really enjoy how you unfold back story as the book progresses. I really enjoyed Shifting. I have a heart for teens in foster care and love to see books/movies about the subject. All the twists and turns, the mystery and romance, I loved it. I would love another Shifting book. Your comment to Eva made it sound like there may be a manuscript, if so, please release it! I loved all three of your books and a third Stung about Jonah sounds great. I kept wanting to know more about him during Cured. I’m so glad you kept writing after so many rejections, I love your books and I going to give my mom Stung.

      2. hi bethany i need more info about you for my school project and i was just wondering why u said that u were bailed out of jail by one of ur family or friends please reply so i can get an A+

  33. Are you going to make a third book this is my favorite books and series I have ever read… I was wondering if you were going to make more books to this series. Thank you for making this awesome books

  34. Dear Bethany, I was wishing that you could make the little boy that they call Vince a little brother or a relative to someone, thank you.

  35. I love the stung series and I personally think cured is better , I would love if u made another stung series that goes on, And I absolutely love how its mostly a love story.

  36. Bethany, I loved both of your books. I finished both in two days and I’ve convinced about 10 people in my class to buy then from Barnes and noble. IF THERE WAS A THIRD BOOK THAT WOULD MAKE MY LIFE:

  37. Hi
    I think that the third book if you make it should be Jonahs prospective but If you have time as suggestion on more if you do more in Bowen prospective abuot what happened to him during like stung and a love story of Kevin and jack

  38. I just finished cured and I’m THIRSTY FOR A THRID! Please write another book to the series! It would be cool if it was in Kevin’s point of view or still in Jacks. I like romance. You are the best author ever!

  39. I absolutely fell in love with the series!!! I love how you can connect to the characters so easily and when I’m reading the books it’s like I’m in another world!!

  40. Please make a third book! I bought both of the stung novels and finished it two days!!! Pretty pretty please make a third book because I still think cured is a cliff hanger. I love this series so much!! I’m shipping for Jonah and Tessa if there’s a third book.

  41. My thoughts might have already been releyed through bits and pieces of different replies but…. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Stung and Cured. (although it only lasted a precious 4 hours-ish each…) I especially enjoyed second book Cured from Jack and Kevin’s point of view.. It was very intricate with details and the thought processes were something that I could relate to very well. A third book would be cute but Stung and Cured were very satisfying and I felt very at peace after finishing Cured at like 3 in the morning…. hehehe. I enjoyed how you used the format of putting 2 and 2 characters in each separate book. Also, I enjoyed sitting back after reading and seeing how some characters went into both books like Arris and how it also continued like the evil Mr. S guy…? I kinda expected there to be an elaborate twist ending at the end of Cured in which Jonah ends up with Jack but the way you put the rest in together was working miracle bombs in my head!! :-> Thanks for publishing and having a great editor to produce such good books! Write more fantastic novels and become a Legend~

  42. Bethany, your books are just incredible!! They absolutely are very. Very hard to put down. Also, if you do make a 3rd book you should have it be in Jonah’s perspective, also have Tessa? Love the series!!! Best books I have ever read definitely keep up the awesome books!!! N:-):-P. 😀

  43. Dose anyone else agree with me when I say Bethany should wright a book with Keira Class? A dream team sort of speak?

  44. hey bethany i was just wondering if you had any other websites than just this one and i need more info for a school project and more. if u could reply on this that would be awsome, by the way LOVE your books.

    1. Hunter, can you go to the contact tab on my webpage and send me your questions? Maybe then I can reach you via email.

    1. When I tried to reply to your family email at yahoo (intentionally left blank for your privacy), the message got sent back as undeliverable.

  45. I have wondered for a long time. Will you be writing any more books? I would honestly read your grocery list. 😀

    1. Kaity,

      Yes! I have a new series coming out in the fall of 2016 (yes, I know that is such a long way away!). It is about a princess who chooses to be sacrificed to a dragon over being forced to marry an older man, and the fierce warrior who risks his life to follow her into the dragon’s lair. My teenage daughter says it is better than anything else I have written, so hopefully everyone will feel the same!

  46. I just finished CURED and immediately started lookimg to see if a third book was coming. I absolutely LOVED these books and want more. If you write a 3rd book you could do it from multiple points of veiw, you could change points of veiw every chapter to satisfy everyone. I’ve read multiple books like that and they were very good. You should write it in Bowen, Kevin, and Jonahs point if you were to do this. Whatever you write though, i would be completely happy with!

    1. I also think that a book from all of their points of veiw would be great,(Fo, Jack, Kevin, Bowen, Jonah, and Tessa) I just couldnt put these books down and loved the way you brought the characters to life! PLEASE WRITE A THIRD BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I don’t actually have a lot of time to read. If I read two books a month, I count myself lucky. Before I had five kids, and a writing career, I read at least a book a week, sometimes a book a day. So if you are able to read as much as you want, enjoy it!

        1. Write what you love, and other people will love it, too. I rarely read a book without at least a little romance in it. I love romance. So I put it in all of my stories.

  47. Hi, Bethany! I just finished reading Cured. I have to say it is my favorite book. I am actually doing a school project on it. If you do write a third book, I think you should make it from Tessa’s perspective. She should fall in love with Jonah and have two children. Eliza (haha) and Gardener. Eliza is a lacrosse player (like her uncle(haha also like me)) and Gardener is a scientist who helps his dad pass around the cure. I think a movie would also be brilliant! I could totally help you because I love to make movies. I am actually working on a Stung movie right now. If you have the chance to get back to me, please do!

    1. Eliza,

      Awesome suggestions! I will take them into consideration when I write the book. If you make the Stung movie, please put it on youtube and let me know! I would LOVE to see it!

  48. Ok haha I know I’m a bit a late but I’ve been hoping you would make a 3rd book to stung I was really into both books they’re GREAT and would make a super awesome movie in my opinion you are an amazing author I don’t read much but I was so upset when I finished your books but if or when you make a third book I would love to know I love your books!! 🙂

  49. Ok haha I know I’m a bit a late but I’ve been hoping you would make a 3rd book to stung I was really into both books they’re GREAT and would make a super awesome movie in my opinion you are an amazing author I don’t read much but I was so upset when I finished your books but if or when you make a third book I would love to know I love your books!!

  50. Please make a third book to the Stung series and make sure that Fiona and Bowen are in it with some romance. And will the book be coming out soon?

  51. Please make a third book for Stung. I really enjoyed both Stung and Cured. It would be awesome if Jonah and Tessa fall in love, and also bring in Fiona and Bowen. It would also be awesome if a movie came out about Stung. (That would totally be awesome!)

  52. Me and friends will be making a YouTube movie for Stung and possibly Cured, and try to stay as accurate as possible. There will be a kissing scene… I might be in that… but we will defiantly do one!!! Coming out this summer, will put a link on here.

  53. everyone keeps telling me that you are writing a third book is that true and if it is when do u think u will publish it i am dying to read a third book of that series.

    P.S. i love u and my teacher said that one of her student got in contact with u and u face timed there class please do it again

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