STUNG’s Cast Part 2

So, if you haven’t already read the post about who we should pick for actors if STUNG was made into a movie, then read this first.

If STUNG is ever made into a movie, it would be AWESOME! Right? Yes. Totally awesome. And, while that is not a reality right now, we–my fellow STUNG lovers and I–picked people for the cast anyway. This was so much fun! You’ve got to see how it turned out . . .

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When I Grow Up . . . A Brief Biography

When she was in her late twenties, Bethany Wiggins finally decided what she wanted to do when she “grew up.” It all started one fateful afternoon at her sister’s house. Out of the blue Bethany’s sister told her that she was going to try writing a book and asked Bethany if she also wanted to try. “All it takes,” the sister explained, “is an hour a day of writing for one year, and by the end of that year, you will have a book.”

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