Congratulations STUNG

So, some extremely awesome news. STUNG won the Florida Sunshine State Young Readers’ Award! Thank you, Florida, for loving my book, for loving my characters, and for loving my writing. I love you, Florida!

THIS is the link to the announcement.

Also, Savannah wrote some Stung fan fiction. Check it out! Leave a comment! But as a writer who knows how hard and scary it is to put your words out there for strangers to read, I have one request. If you leave a comment for Savannah, it has to be nice. No tearing anyone down!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Guys, it is my birthday this month! Would you like to help me celebrate? Yeah, I seriously thought so. If you’re on my webpage, it means you totally get my books, which means somewhere deep down, we are probably kindred spirits. So, there are a few things you can do to help me celebrate.

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Cured’s Alternate Ending

So, I was looking at my final revision of CURED today and discovered that I had written two possible endings. I let my editor pick which one we used. Here is the one we did not use:


Kevin and I walk into the town. Every log cabin has the remains of a massive vegetable garden in the yard, with cold weather plants, like acorn squash and gourds, still in the dirt.

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