Curious About Stung’s Playlist?

You know how some authors have playlists to go with their books? Well, when I wrote STUNG and CURED, there were certain songs I listened to to help get me in the world of STUNG. Here are a few:


SECRET CROWDS by Angels & Airwaves

Jltf by Moby

ONLY THE YOUNG and CROSSFIRE by Brandon Flowers


ANOTHER DAY by Sleepfthief


PARADISE by Coldplay (this is Jack’s main theme!)



AFTER THE STORM by Mumford and Sons

What about you? Do you have a song that you associate with any of my books? Also, if you want to read a short story about Jonah after he makes it to Colorado and meets his mom, click here.

All Because of You (Yes, You!)

Hi, guys! I cannot tell you how awesome all of the comments and emails from you are. Thank you for finding me on here and making me so happy! (Pretend there is a smiley emoticon here.) Hearing from you and knowing that you love my books it the reason I write. IT IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!

People have been asking what I’m working on lately. Right now I am writing a trilogy about a sheltered princess who chooses death by dragon over an arranged marriage to a prince from a rival kingdom. The story has sword fighting, romance, dragons, bravery, and violence. The first one is called TRANSFERENCE. If you like my other books, you’ll probably like this trilogy (and yes, I am doing three books in this series for all of you who keep writing and begging me to do a third STUNG book). It comes out next year.

Three random facts about my week:

  1. I never answer my landline (you know–the phone that plugs into the wall!). In fact, it is ringing right now.
  2. My baby stepped in a dead, chewed up mouse. Thanks, cats, for cleaning up after yourselves–NOT!
  3. I have gotten so many emails from readers this week that every time I open my email, it is like Christmas! Thanks, guys!

Come Find Me!

First of all, thank you for all of the emails and comments on my posts! I am feeling the love from you guys. There are three things I am being asked repeatedly, which I will answer for you now. . .

1. Am I writing any other books? Yes! I have a new trilogy coming out starting fall 2016! If you like my other books, you will love this one.

2. Am I going to write a third book in the STUNG series? The answer is no. Sorry! Please  don’t hate me!

3. Is STUNG going to be made into a movie? No. But hopefully one day!

Now, I wanted to let you guys know where else you can find me on the internet. There are actually lots of places! Like,


My old Blog (If you want to read old blog posts, mostly about writing)




I would love to be found. <3


A Piece of Jonah’s Story After Cured

All right, all of you STUNG lovers who want to know if Jonah will ever find love. Here’s a little short story about him. He doesn’t find love in it, but he meets his perfect match. Tell me what you think!

Before you start reading, let me give you a little background. This story takes place the day after Jonah, Jack, Fiona and everyone else arrive at the settlement at Ward, Colorado. . .

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